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Stephen Curry has become in the victory of the Golden State Warriors against the New York Knicks to the player with the most met tries of NBA history. The entire basketball world got into raptures.

SPOT has collected the reactions to Curry’s Historical Threesome No. 2974:

Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) over…

… The best shooter of all time: I believe about this question is talking about this question. My respect goes to Reggie [Miller] and Ray [Allen], which have raised and defined the latte, What a sniper is. They made it for such a long time what I wanted to do. The REACH, the number of litters and the duration of the career. I am proud to meet a good rate. I’m proud to do that to help my team for Siegen. Now I can be proud to have broken Ray’s record and hopefully bring the number so far, where you can reach no one. I never wanted to call me the best shooter of all time before I record the record Have. Now I feel comfortable to say it.

… the importance of the record: I have only reached this milestone of my career because of all the players I was allowed to stand on the parquet, which have placed blocks for me, fit the ball, and because Every player who believed in our openness and the process.

… the way to the record: It’s crazy to think about how I grew up in the environment of the league, watching my father while playing how my family has gone to the old hornets games and how I had big dreams of throwing the basketball and playing on this level. To create the record here in Madison Square Garden, before Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, is something special. I had great support here in the Arena. I can not Express what a great honor for me was to get this reaction and recognition in an away game for this milestone. And of course it is great to win the game. A very, very, very special evening.

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Adam Silver (commissioners of the NBA) over…

Curry’s record: It was exciting to see how Steph breaks the record for most thrusters in the NBA story. He has revolutionized the game and continues to be astonished with its incredible ability as a shooter
Steve Kerr (Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors) over…

… the moment when the record of Ray was broken all: It was very emotional, emotional than I expected. Just beautiful, as the fans have reacted. To see him with his team, with his Father, with Ray Allen and Reggie Miller on the side lines… It was a fantastic moment.

Curry’s popularity with the fans: I think he pulls fans with his modesty and history how hard he had to work. From this point of view he transcends the limits of the sports world in a certain way.

Monty Williams (Head Coach of the Phoenix Suns) over…

… Curry’s dedication to sports: Just think of all the work to put such statistics. There were his parents and various people in the crowd that have passed through the whole journey. That was a cooler Moment and reminded me about what moments I was already allowed to experience with Chris Paul. I love to see curry when he does not play against us.

… Curry’s training: I’ve experienced him and Play Thompson already in the Team USA and was excited about what speed they perform their workouts. That’s why I was not surprised to see such a player such a success reached. I played against his father, now the next generation is on it. That’s very cool.

Raymond Green (Golden State Warriors) over…

… Curry’s influence on modern basketball: He has totally changed the basketball as we know him.

… the missing part of the evening: The only thing I missed today is Play Thompson. He was there all the way here. Play was a huge part of it, if I could have someone else Then that Play is here today. But otherwise it was a very, very, very special night for a special person.

Dirk Nowitzki over…

… Curry’s record and its influence on the game: I think is currently nobody in sight, which can break his record. It’s just fantastic as he meets — he has changed the game. Now wants to change the game everyone from very far behind the triple line. In the meantime, the players send the ball from the centerline to the journey, that would never have given it to my time. If curry is hot, then I’m on the couch and scream the TV, As soon as he is behind the midline: ‘Throw! Walk!’ It is easy to cheer someone like him, with which many can identify themselves because he is not overly athletic, and he is a super nice guy.

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… Curry’s greatest strengths: He’s the best shooter I’ve ever seen. And I think it’s clear that he is the best catch-and-shoot player. But he is like that too Good from dribbling, and he taught himself, the fast threesome out of the dribbling. It’s a movement and his throw is already on the way.