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Best Equipment and Class Milano in Call Of Duty: Warzone

Milano submachine gun – very easy to use melee gun in Call of Duty: Warz1. The weapon is distinguished by excellent control, range and applied damage, but has slow rate.

With the right nozzles, you can download this submachine gun with any main weapon in any game mode, whether the caldera or the island of Renaissance. Here is a guide on how to create a better load of Milano 821 and setting up the classes in Warzone Pacific.

best combat zone Milano Loadout

  • Morda: suppressor agency
  • Barrel: 10.6-inch operational group
  • Laser: Team of tigers in the spotlight
  • Snap: Raider stock

  • Magazine: 45th drum

These are the best Milano nozzles that most players use on their weapons. With this particular assembly you will get the maximum lesion range and bullet speed, as well as excellent overall mobility. These features make Milano SMG really versatile for neighboring and medium battle.

One adjustment you can do here is to replace the store for 45 cartridges on Stanag 55 rear drum , which gives you 10 extra cartridges. Since Milano has low rapidity, a small size of the store is not a problem. In addition, a smaller store does not affect the target rate (ADS).

Best combat class Milano Hipfire

  • Morda: suppressor agency
  • Barrel: 10.6-inch operational group
  • Laser: Laser Sight Swat 5 MW
  • Contracting: Fighter’s grip
  • Magazine: Stanag 55 rear drum

This Milano assembly is an ideal installation for running and shooting, which can boast an incredibly compact spread of fire from the hip. This allows players more often to clean the building without the need for ADS. Connect these equipment with a powerful assault rifle of long-range action for excellent results.

Best combat class Milano

  • Main weapons – automatic / FARA 83 / SWISS K31
  • Additional weapons – Milan 821
    • Mortal ** – throwing knife
  • Tactical – Steam
  • Perk 1 – Cool
  • Perk 2 – Overkill / High Alarm
  • Perk 3 – Battle Scout


Stay with us in professional players on games to learn more about Call of Duty. In the meantime, look at our article about the best gear and class UZI in Call of Duty: Warz1.

Legends Pokemon Arceus unveils his first free shift

If the eyes are now turned to the Duo Pokémon Scarlet / Purple as new open world proposal, Game Freak does not forget for asceraft Pokémon Arceus. A new 1.1.0 update “The awakening of Hisui” is available now, to encourage the adventure with renewed content.

In this update, players will have to investigate a mysterious epidemic that contaminates the Pokémon in the region, accompanied by torrential rains. It will be a question of teaming with the cantaker diamond and his Gooxrex to watch these special appearances and catch rare specimens. This Update will also meet Arceus in a dream, and engage in a special challenge for dealing with several legendary Pokémon at the same time – as long as they have finished all the missions of the game beforehand.

New challenges are also awaiting trainers in the dojo, with special disabilities, as combating with a single Pokémon like any Sbire crossed on the roads. Finally, players will be entitled to extensive opportunities in the photo studio, and will receive 30 ultra balls, 30 gigaton balls and 30 jet balls by entering the arusadventure pass mode in the mystery gift menu before Thursday, March 31, 2022.

A last word finally on the starting of an online animation series produced by Wit Studio and placed in the region of Hisui, a small treat whose diffusion should begin during the summer of summer 2022.

How to Get All Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon Legends Arceus

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Legends Pokémon: Arceus – Free update 1.1.0

Basketball: DBB star leaves Zska Moscow because of Ukraine

Basketball World Shows Support to Ukraine

Basketball international Johannes Voigtmann will leave the Russian Top Club Zska Moscow. This was announced by the club. The 29-year-old center will return to his home country in the near future, it was said in a message from the Moscow. “For personal reasons related to the current situation between Russia and Ukraine” Voigtmann and three more professionals have decided to leave the club. The procedure would violate rules and contracts, but the club from the Euroleague understanding for the personal situation of the players.

RB Leipzig vs. Spartak Moscow: Where does the game take place?

In the second round of the Europa League RB Leipzig meets Spartak Moscow. Due to the persistent Ukraine conflict, however, the second leg will not take place as planned in Moscow. Atlético Madrid tells you how the current state is.

RB Leipzig has reached the K.O.-Round in the Europa League after the playoff victory against Real Sociedad San Sebastian. On 10 and 17 March, RB Leipzig will now meet in the round of rounds of the competition on Spartak Moscow, the only Russian club, which is still represented in a European football competition. The first leg on 10 March will be held in the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig. But how is the second leg on March 17?

RB Leipzig vs. Spartak Moscow: Where does the game take place?

Also, the sport world is currently looking for the events in Ukraine. After the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, the sporting activities in the two countries are uncertain. For example, a broad boycott front is currently being built in countries that do not want to compete in the World Cup playoffs against Russia. This communicated, among other things, the Polish, Swedish and Czech football associations.

For peace and against war: the sport stands together!

And the UEFA has already responded to the invasion of Russia in Ukraine: the Champions League final this year, which was originally intended to take place in Russian St. Petersburg, was relocated and will now be at the Stade de France on 28 May Paris held.

RB Leipzig vs. Manchester City: Extended Highlights | Group Stage - MD 6 | CBS Sports Golazo

With regard to the second leg between RB Leipzig and Spartak Moscow, which was originally held in the Russian million town, the UEFA informed that the match is to be laid to a neutral place. However, the UEFA did not call a precise playing place. Whether the game will take place at all is still unclear. On the 25th of February RB Leipzig announced not to boycotted with the game.

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Europa League: The winners of recent years

Year Association
2009/10 Atlético Madrid
2010/11 FC Porto
2011/12 Atlético Madrid
2012/13 FC Chelsea
2013/14 FC Seville
2014/15 FC Seville
2015/16 FC Seville
2016/17 Manchester United
2017/18 Atlético Madrid
2018/19 FC Chelsea
2019/20 FC Seville
2020/21 FC Villarreal

World of Warcraft: Large updates to decorate the distance of Darkness

Eternity’s End – Launch Trailer | World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
The gateway to the Darkness Founders’ Wonders, the gateway to Zares Mortis, and the moment of Azeroth has been approaching the battle with the liver.

World of Warcraft: A large-scale patch, which is a large-scale patch, which is a large-scale patch, which is a large-scale patch, which is the end of the Eternity’s End.

At the end of the eternity, you can meet the automatic machine, which is a binder that created everything that exists in the Darkness, and a new program that is a new camp reality, and a new production system that allows players to create a pet and create a pet. You can enjoy the play experience. New features, rewards, and activities that are disclosed at the end of eternity are as follows.

One. New Restoration: Mailing of the presence of the beginning \ – Make sure that the powerful attached to the jangjang, and the way to the canun is to open. I also have to pay for the Alliance’s King of Wang.

2. New Area: Zesesmortis \ – Exploring the land of the founder in the basis of the restaurant. Meanwhile, enjoy a daily quest in the new quest center, while you should build an alliance with new residents who have a realized that consisted of automatic machines and former intermediaries.

3. New Growth System: Password of the Bees’ Password \ – Unique automatic machine colleagues to learn the founder’s forgotten language, and find out the founder’s forgottening language, and find the secret of the hidden secret in Jases Mortis, Experience.

4. The return of the tier set \ – The new job argument set with the founder is added. The set area can be obtained through several activities such as attacks, head, myth + dungeon, and player combat, and provide two sets and four sets of additional effects according to each vocational specialization.

5. Other contents \ – A number of functions and improvements to expect in terms of multiple functions and systems are applied. Various changes in various scopes such as vocational balance and professional technology, torgast, all kinds of new ride and collected pets!

The autumn collaboration of Babylon in preparation

Babylon’s Fall, who officially released on March 3, 2022, announced that they would organize a collaborative event in the near future. Only it is not them who announced it, exactly. He appeared at a Livestream nier.

And it’s because there will be a collaboration denying: Automata with Babylon’s Fall. When celebrating the fifth anniversary of Nier: Automata, they announced that there would be a collaborative event. This event will not only allow players to create costumes of emblematic characters to deny: PLCs including 2B, 9S, A2, Commander White, and operator 210. But in addition, there will be new places on the map, with two denying : PLCs locations. These locations are a village machine and the amusement park, which can be explored by the Babylon’s Fall players.

What is very interesting, however, is that the event will be supervised by two members of the deny team. The creator, Yoko Taro, supervise the entire event. In addition, the game designer, Takahisa Taura, will also supervise the event. It is a surprising development, but it can be related to the fact that in these places, there seems to be enemies of the game to nier: Automata. It’s hard to say how it will combine with Babylon’s Fall’s fighting style, but from the appearance of the trailer, it’s something to watch.

Unfortunately, there does not seem to be an output date window to know when the collaboration nier and Babylon’s Fall will be put online, or how long it will last.

However, we know that on February 25, 2022, Babylon’s Fall’s live demo will come out on the PlayStation consoles. And March 3, 2022, Babylon’s Fall will be officially available, which will also launch the first season of the game. The first season should take place until May 31, 2022.

The fall of Babylon, (1916), Full Silent Movie, English

It seems like there is a lot to wait for the gameplay of Babylon’s Fall. Stay connected for more news!

WhatsApp takes up update: New function suddenly disappears again

At WhatsApp, there are always innovations. But this time one is withdrawn.

Dortmund – who regularly sends messages via WhatsApp, can often use new features. Most recently, there were messengers in the profile images *. But now WhatsApp pulls a function back, as contact * reports.

WhatsApp innovation withdrawn again: That’s behind it

The reason: Previously, the innovation has encountered great criticism of users. Originally, WhatsApp had changed the arrangement of contacts in the messenger. Actually, these were listed alphabetically if you start a new chat or wanted to get an overview. With the new function of WhatsApp, however, “frequent contacts” in the list are back up, as CHIP reports.

Means: people who have already exchanged messages at WhatsApp more often would be arranged at the top and sorted almost by popularity, instead of their initial letter. But even here there were gradations: because “recent chats”, ie users who have just recently sent messages were displayed further above.

Users criticize new function at WhatsApp – Messenger reacts

However, in some WhatsApp users, this change did not matter well. Also, that the messenger maybe will soon be charged *, should not please every1. Under a tweet of the blog “WABETAINFO”, it hails criticism. The profile regularly informs about innovations of the messenger and functions that are previously tested in the so-called beta version of the app and can be introduced soon.

Also WhatsApp himself seems to have heard this criticism. Because now the feature is no longer found.

New WhatsApp update concedes new function again

Means: who view his contact list, to write about a new contact with WhatsApp, again finds an alphabetical arrangement.

If that is not yet the case with all users, one should be patient for a while. Usually WhatsApp sends his updates in waves and not necessarily to all users at the same time. Whether the Messenger changes his contact list again soon remains to be seen. _ * contact is part of the editorial network of ips.Media._

Category list picture: © Yui Mok / dpa

Activision patent technology will use player information to create NPCs

Developers are constantly striving to make their games and NPCs as intelligent and intelligent as possible, but they are always so mediocre as the ingenuity of real people. Nevertheless, developers will continue to try and make greater progress, but at what price? “Your scientists were so preoccupied whether they could, they did not stop thinking if they should.” Have you ever heard this sentence? Apparently, Activision never saw Jurassic Park. Activision, new and less recent patents suggest some methods about creating NPC.

A stupid IA can be fun, but intelligent intelligence is impressive and difficult. When we tackle the wicked, we imagine they are real people. Wait, it came out badly. We like to imagine that we beat another human being. That’s why online multiplayer games are so popular. Activision tries to ensure that their NPCs are as close as possible from the human being since 2014. The goal is to make online NPCs impossible to distinguish PCs. One of the most recent patents on this technology explains how information about these NPCs are generated. The patent can be found on Espacenet.

“In an implementation, a game profile can be generated for a game session based on gaming information. (…) Player information can describe various characteristics of a player, who can be used to evaluate If he will enjoy a game session, a match and / or given game. For example, players information may include various attributes, including a screen name (or player identifier), a play style (aggressive, for example), a role preference (for example, an explicit indication given by the player)., a really played role, a duration of game sessions, a number of game sessions played by a given login session, game elements used or purchased by the player, a clan membership or a team, the prefer to play with members of the clan or friends, demographic information from the player (geographical location, sex, level of income, etc.), victory records / defeats, scores and / or other information that can be used to determine if a player will benefit a given gaming session, a match and / or a game. “

These sections are among the most alarming aspects or the most worrying of technology. In simpler terms, Activision will be able to use the information about players in interesting ways, such as copying a preferred load, a style of play and / or card preference, and less cool, like using the name profile of the player, the behaviors involved and the session templates..

WW3 Strikes While Battlefield 2042 Flops - EA Denies Halo Killed Game - This Week In Gaming
Do these details concern you? Let us know in the comments below.

PLAYSTATION VR 2: Sony finally unveils the design of his helmet, he looks a lot like the first

Sony Interactive Entertainment took advantage of the calm of this Tuesday, February 22, 2022 to lift the veil on the design of its PlayStation VR 2, a little less than a year after formalizing its existence and unveiled the controllers in May 2021. First thing than the ‘It can be seen: The look of the PS VR 2 takes up the bases of its eldest, with a helmet that sports little or prro the same curves and especially the same type of hoop for now the helmet on the head of his user, without for as much weighs down. The first PS VR is already a reference in terms of ergonomics and comfort, Sony Interactive Entertainment has paused on the containity, like the adjustable visor-screen allowing to approach or move the face screen away. It is the same for the location of the stereo earphone output that remains the same as the first model, which will make it possible to find its brands very easily. Novelty requires, however, we can rely on a lenses adjustment wheel, which will allow the distance of the lenses between their eyes and thus optimize its vision. It is also learned that the PS VR 2 displays a thinner design and therefore will be lighter than its predecessor, while adding the engine that will allow to have haptic sensations at the head.

Playstation VR2 full announcement (with VR2 Sense controllers)

Better, for this new model, Yujin Morisawa, a senior artistic designer at Sie, explains the integration of a new ventilation system in order to offer good air circulation, in the same idea as the ventilation grids of PS5. Advantage of this blower system, the absence of fogging on the lenses, which will avoid cleaning the lenses settled, guaranteeing better immersion. It is also in the space between the top and the surface at the front of the visor-screen that the ventilation system has been integrated. Another important evolution with this new generation VR headset is the presence of a single cable that leaves on the left side of the helmet and will be connected to the front port of the PS5. We are still far from a wireless system already available in competition, but Sony Interactive Entertainmentr has failed to do without this second generation. Similarly, finished the Playstation Camera to find itself in space, the PS VR 2 has the technology of the “Eye Tracking”, an OLED 4K HDR screen that will offer a much higher visual rendering than the first PS VR. There is a resolution of 2000×2040 per eye, against 960×1080 per eye in 2016.

FC Bayern | Next Corona

Bayern Munich v Tigres UANL | FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020 Final | Match Highlights
Manuel new is back on the training lat. Thomas Müller, on the other hand, Bayern Munich will be missing: as the German football record champion announced on Monday afternoon, the 32-year-old attacker has been positively tested on the coronavirus. It goes well, Participated by FC Bayern. It is Müller’s second infection – On February 11, 2021, the World Champion of 2014 during the Club World Cup in Qatar, the virus was detected for the first time. Meanwhile, National Teakeepers New 15 days after his knee surgery on Monday has completed races on the training grounds on the Säbener Straße for the first time. The 35-year-old had surprisingly undergo surprisingly an intervention at the interior human discussion of his right knees on the day after the game against RB Leipzig (3: 2) on 5 February. When new can play again is still unclear.

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