[INTERNATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL “The Reporter]” I will play a representative institute that can play a role as a middle window that can contribute to the window for the derivation of the policy related to the government’s game industry, the government’s cultural policy and the future change of the corporation. “

Lee Jae-hong, the establishment of the Korean Game Policy Society, Early, Early, emphasized this at the establishment of the founding general meeting at the Memorial Hall at Soongsil. The Future Food Industry, which means to help strengthen the status of the game industry.

The Korean Games Policy Society is the establishment of the chairperson of Lee Jae Hong, who finished his Term of July last year, At the ongoing promoter, major executives and the following are confirmed. A representative of Lee Jae Hong was elected in the Institute of Institute.

Korean game industry expanding overseas

Professor, Lee Seung-hoon, Lee Seung-hoon, Lee Seung-hoon, Lee Seung-hoon, Lee Seung-hoon, Department of Gifu University, Lee, Jae Hong, and Hangyang University, Professor, Hwang, Sang – Ki, a professor (Ghana Da). Thanks to the Holy Ghost Girls University Media Communications Department, Professor.

The Korean Gaming Policy Society presents the issue of the game industry and the direction of the game, and hosts the “Korea Games Policy Forum”, presenting the government’s fostering policy and strategy measures. The Society decided to open the regular forum on a monthly regular forum and opened a regular forum.

The forum activities are the main purpose of the Society for the Culture, Industry, Technology and Systems of the Games Industry and Future Directions to Policy Suggestions. Future game industry policy discussions and meetings, the policy of promoting the Great Department and the National Assembly policy proposal related to the game industry.

President Lee Jae Hong said, “The Metropolitan Game Policy Chairman said,” While the metabus, fusion technologies, including the metabus, the game industry is not going to go to the ecosystem. I have to go to the side, and I will take the role of our society. “

“I want to have a tan where my country is a game powerhouse in the world. I would like to play a torque that can tell the game power.