As in every game of saga, stones and other objects of evolution represent a mandatory passage to complement the Pokédex of Pokémon Arceus. Many Pokémon can only evolve with a specific object. And as often you will have to travel the world to find them. Except that, small change of this opus, most objects of evolution are not recovering in fixed locations. It will take Farmer or be a little lucky to get them. Here’s how to recover objects and evolution stones in Pokémon Arceus legends.

Get the objects and stones of evolution in legends Pokémon Arceus

Concretely, there are three ways to get an object of evolution in the game. That each work for all objects available or almost.

Breaking ore

In addition to providing rollers and other materials necessary for the making of balls, the different minerals can all contain a stone of evolution. No visual indication – The small stars simply tell you the presence of stars dust – you just have to break them and hope to have a little luck.

Spatio-temporal distortions

Unlocked in the game when you access the Carmin marsh, spatio-temporal distortions appear regularly in the different areas of the game. They contain rare Pokémon and are particularly useful for completing your Pokédex. But you will also find on the ground of many shards and objects of evolution. Just run in the background of Cerubylin and pick up all the objects that appear throughout the distortion. You have a chance to get any object of evolution.

The points of good action (PBA)

By browsing areas, you sometimes fall on lost objects to pick up. The returning to their owner will give you good action points (PBA). They are to be used with vesti-cite, in the stall in front of the dojo. The price of objects varies, ranging from 400 for a lucky egg, 1000 for a stone of evolution, and 1400 for specific objects like a magmarizer. Objects are available in unlimited quantities.

Pokemon Legends Arceus How To Get EVOLUTION STONES & ITEMS


One of the objects of evolution of Pokémon Arceus legends which is a little more complicated to find is obsidian. Necessary to evolve Hacheccator, you can only buy it with your PBA. On the other hand, wild gravelanch can drop one.

the peat block

Finally, the last object of evolution of the game is the block of peat. It will be useful for changing Ursaring in Ursaking. And to find it, it will be necessary to use the Ursaking Flair. Because the peat block is a rare object that it can dig up by being in the carmine marsh or Lazuli coast. No preferential spot has been found for the moment, you will have to arrder with patience. And if you are a little lucky, Ursaking could even dig up stones of evolution on the road.