Since its initial release date on July 7, 2015, Rocket League has gathered a huge community of loyal players. People who have not played hard since the launch trained, climbed the ladder and finally played in competition. The gameplay easy to take control and hard to master still has many addicted players, and it will seek to expand the range because Psyonix takes it for free to play from September 23rd.

With the arrival on September 23rd of the free game Rocket League will launch the game on the Epic Games shop for PC. The launch of the free game will also bring the LLAMA-RAMA game event to celebrate the beginning of the new cost of the game. No details have been provided on the exact nature of the event, but it is clearly a Event related to Fortnite because the logo features a Fortnite Lama, and it is launched on Epic Games Store, property of Epic Games, which also owns Fortnite.

Rocket League players try and guess Sideswipe ranks...
As a bonus, if the players add Rocket League to their library between September 23rd and October 23, they will receive a $ 10 UGS coupon that can be used on the Games of $ 14.99 and more. In addition, once players have downloaded and launched the game, they will receive the elements of the game Sun Ray Boost and Hot Rocks Trail. Of course, players will now be able to buy DLCs and cosmetics for Rocket League using the creative code of their favorite creator for the Epic Games shop.

This free launch will also bring:

  • Season 1, with a new Rocket Pass. No other information has been provided over the new season.
  • Competitive tournaments, tournament functionality is being redesigned with much more information in a Rocket League blog article on the subject.

  • Challenges at the game level, the ability to meet game challenges for gaining XP and objects.
  • New cosmetic packs including Skins of Endo and Jager vehicles, wheels, boosts, explosions, trails and more.

Some important information for new players as the game goes to Free to Play are that Xbox Live Gold is always required on the Xbox platform. Playstation and Nintendo Switch players do not need to buy PS + or Nintendo Switch Online to play, but Xbox players will always need a GOLD subscription.