After his farewell of FC Bayern, Jérôme Boateng is running for Olympique Lyon. So far, the central defender belonged to the French first division into the master personnel, but now the ex-national player has apparently to cope with a real setback.

According to “L’Équipe” Boateng was deleted from coach Peter Bosc from the squad for the upcoming home game against OGC Nice (Saturday, 21 clock). Allegedly, the 33-year-old was announced the decision after training on Friday. The exhausting should not only be on Jérômeing reasons.

According to this, Boateng should be several times with fellow players over the past few weeks. In Rennes, the former Münchner initially delivered a verbal exchange with Léo Dubois, after the game he should then have attacked his teammate Rayan Cherki.

In addition, Boateng should become entirely from the recently to Newcastle United Bruno Guimaraes during a training session. In addition, the Routinian discussed a defeat against Monaco apparently loudly with coach Boscoz over the selected tactics.

“He is very nervous and device with everyone”

Wirbel um Jérôme Boateng | SPORT1 - DER TAG

Boateng’s lead claim fits “l’équipe” not to the services shown. “He is very nervous and device with everyone,” a confidant of the association is quoted from Jérômes direction.

Boateng is in Olympique Lyon actually at the regular personnel this season. So the world champion from 2014 so far completed 19 competitive games for seven-fitting French masters. Through the most recent measure, coach Boscz wants to miss his protégé but probably a fooling.

Boateng was changed last summer from FC Bayern to Olympique Lyon. The Munich had no longer extended the contract of the defensive specialist.