The story of WOW has been creating many players for some players for some time, especially the fans of Sylvana’s wind runners. The Bansheekönigin has become the leader of the abandoned to state enemy number 1 with Raid boss fight in the Sanctum of Rule. In WoW Patch 9.2, however, it expects a kind of reducing storyline , because a published intermediate sequence shows, as in Sylvanas the years “sleeping” forest-aerial generation and the Banseheekönigin bound up. This merger of the good version with the evil worried many fans of the dark and floppy Bansheekönigin. In a Q & A with Dexerto, Narrative Lead Steve Danuser commented these concerns.

Waldpauerenerälin does not delete the Bansheekönigin

So we should get significantly more in the update end of eternity from the story of the sequence “smashed heritage”. The Sylvanas storybogen will then get a resolution on which has been working for a long time, says Danuser.

_ “Sylvanas is obviously the key to the events that have led us to the shadowlands… and now, where the two parts of their soul are together, that does not mean that one of them has disappeared. The Bansheekönigin is not gone The forest runnergent did not take advantage of the power; it is about the fact that these two parts have to find a way forward and that they need to become a unity and a soul, not to this broken thing “_, he continues.

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_ “But that’s not a simple way” , adds Danuser, _ “And if she creates that and what form assumes that, you will see that you will see the content. We are very excited about how this story is high find. It will play in a chapter of the pact campaign, which we have not published on the TESTREALM for a reason: because we wanted to hold back this last piece of history for the players to discover it when playing through the content. “

To reassure fans of the “old” Sylvanas, Danuser also emphasizes that their popular traits persist: _ “If you pay attention to subtle things when playing the quest series on the subtle things, what Sylvanas says and does, you will find that you will still notice has a sharp mind and a certain bite. That’s not just disappeared – she still has her attituation. “_

WOW (Buy Now) Patch 9.2 will be released on February 23, 2022. Then we will all be able to convince ourselves whether the further course of the Sylvanas storyline is so satisfactory, as Danuser described. Are you looking forward to the upcoming quests? Or is the train called Sylvanas for you practically? Write us in the comments, what you think!

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