In the second round of the Europa League RB Leipzig meets Spartak Moscow. Due to the persistent Ukraine conflict, however, the second leg will not take place as planned in Moscow. Atlético Madrid tells you how the current state is.

RB Leipzig has reached the K.O.-Round in the Europa League after the playoff victory against Real Sociedad San Sebastian. On 10 and 17 March, RB Leipzig will now meet in the round of rounds of the competition on Spartak Moscow, the only Russian club, which is still represented in a European football competition. The first leg on 10 March will be held in the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig. But how is the second leg on March 17?

RB Leipzig vs. Spartak Moscow: Where does the game take place?

Also, the sport world is currently looking for the events in Ukraine. After the invasion of Russia in Ukraine, the sporting activities in the two countries are uncertain. For example, a broad boycott front is currently being built in countries that do not want to compete in the World Cup playoffs against Russia. This communicated, among other things, the Polish, Swedish and Czech football associations.

For peace and against war: the sport stands together!

And the UEFA has already responded to the invasion of Russia in Ukraine: the Champions League final this year, which was originally intended to take place in Russian St. Petersburg, was relocated and will now be at the Stade de France on 28 May Paris held.

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With regard to the second leg between RB Leipzig and Spartak Moscow, which was originally held in the Russian million town, the UEFA informed that the match is to be laid to a neutral place. However, the UEFA did not call a precise playing place. Whether the game will take place at all is still unclear. On the 25th of February RB Leipzig announced not to boycotted with the game.

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