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Maskmaker is a mystical puzzle experience

We have already briefly talked about this game as part of the showcase of the Day of the Dev Puzzle game, but this is the first time we talk about Maskmaker more precisely. What is really a shame because it definitely deserves its own article. MaskMaker transports you to a fantastic real estate in VR, where you become the apprentice of its “leader” Prospero. Players learn to make more and more complex magic masks, explore the world to gather rare resources, transport in different kingdoms and have various guardians using masks. It looks like a magical journey. If you have already been curious to know what could be the offer of the seller of happy masks, you should check this game.

_ “Our team has decided to create a non-linear adventure that gives players a strong sense of presence as they explore the mysterious universe of Maskmaker,” said Balthazar Auxietre, creative director and co-founder of Innerspacevr. _ “We carefully designed the game to help players feel like a real craftsman when creating these complex masks, and discover freedom and discovery crossing unique worlds to discover the secrets of the kingdom of masks. »_

In other words, you can expect a lot of time to explore the decor and work to control manufacturing mechanisms. Stroll over the bridges, on the snow and through the mountains without ever leaving your workshop. The power of the masks will open you the world, so you must use them to solve the mystery of Prospero. The press release said it like this: “Players will have to explore every world to collect rare resources, solve puzzles and develop their craft skills to prove that they are worthy of being a mask manufacturer. The mask and puzzle mask in the puzzle, the players will cross the kingdom of masks to look for Prospero and finally discover the truth behind this identity.

If it seems to be a good time and that virtual reality does not make you sick, add MaskMaker to your wish list.

MaskMaker will be available on April 20, 2021 on Oculus Rift S, Quest (via Link cable only), PlayStation VR, Vive HTC and PC VR via Steamvr.

What is your favorite mask? Let us know in the comments or contact us Twitter or Facebook.

GI Joe The Deck-Building Game Review: A natural extension of the franchise

Renegade Game Studios has given life to several of your favorite franchises in your series of deck construction games, including Power Rangers, Transformers and Gi Joe, and today the center of attention is on I joe team. GI Joe the construction game of Demeha is a fully cooperative game for 1 to 4 players, and although it involves the central mechanics of construction of decks that Renegade has perfected in several titles, once again it has adopted the unique theme and has provided a Experience that feels unequivocally feel like Gi Joe without sacrificing depth and losing fun. You do not need to be a fan of Gi Joe to love this game, but if you are, you will be on the Moon.

The direct mechanics of construction of decks in GI Joe The Deck-Building Game is quite simple and similar to the other versions of the line. There is a main alignment of changing cards from which you can recruit, move those letters to your deck to use them in the future, and shopping with the value of recruiting in your hand. The game gives a small turn by making newly recruited letters settle (which can be Joes, Gear, Vehicles and Utilities) at the top of your deck so that they can be stolen in the next turn. That means that the cards that you buy can be used more conveniently and, therefore, change your strategy to simply choose the best available card to evaluate if another card can better serve the next turn.

This is directly related to one of the other main adjustments to the Formula in Story Missions and Side Missions, which is where Gi Joe really begins to emulate the franchise. This is mainly due to two elements, but we first address the mission format. The history missions are drawn when the complete ones and are divided into three main events, each with its own ending, and you can choose one of the two main history packages. The first is The Mass Device, who imagils a classic story of Gi Joe and brings it to your table, calling the Joes to avoid charging from getting the necessary elements for your laser device that could destroy cities in minutes.

Power Rangers: Deck Building Game Review - with Tom Vasel

The second story Pack is Operation: Total Control, and this is a completely new story that presents Dr. Mindbender and an adventure that sees the Joes incriminated by an attack and suddenly fleeing from the government, since they are also trying to stop the plans of COBRA.. Both Story Packs adopt the themes of GI Joe and feel as if they fit into the universe from beginning to end, and missions themselves offer enough challenges to keep you agile in the way you assemble your deck and your team in general. They also bring additional complications and charges Officers such as Baroness, destro and more to give life to the game with additional challenges than to overcome.

When recruiting for your team, you must take into account the requirements of the current mission, since everyone will require a different ability to complete and a different difficulty to overcome. That said, you should also take into account the vehicles, the second main element that differentiates GI Joe from so many others. You have to recruit a vehicle from your hangar to send it to a history mission or a secondary mission and, as the alignment recruits, you will begin to gather an impressive fleet of land, sea and air vehicles. You have a vehicle that is always available, but the others offer greater benefits and improvements, so you should know what missions you send them because, once this is done, you should travel your deck before you can use them. again.

Vehicles provide authenticity to the game that GI Joe fans will appreciate, but also introduce a series of options and tactical approaches from the game. A RAM, for example, only has capacity for 1 person, but offers a substantial recognition ability bonus, as well as a terrestrial vehicle bonus if the mission you are doing is also found in that field. That is perfect for a secondary mission, but depending on how your mallet is built and your given hand, you could use those bonuses to perform a complete history mission, and as your hangar wins more vehicles, your options at any given shift 10 times.

As the game progresses, things get more complicated due to Threat Meter, which climbs at least one after each round, and as it moves in areas of different colors, the consequences are increased after the Round. You can lower the threat meter by completing missions, so there is also an additional incentive to perform a mission before feeling 100% comfortable. However, it should weigh that against the risk of failing a history mission, since the consequences can be incredibly lethal. This introduces a welcome element of risk versus reward in the game that kept me returning for just one more shift.

Add the additional cards of the expert mode and the capacity of 2 players and only and it is easy to see why the game has a great impact from the first moment. Now, there are some things that may have used some additional levels of depth or simply additional content. You have the ability to promote your GI Joe leader throughout the game, and doing so is extremely beneficial since the skills increase considerably. Unfortunately, you can only do this once, so then it has no other way to improve your Joes that is not simply recruiting more of them. It would have been welcomed another way to update its leaders or increase their skill level because soon their leaders will feel like everyone else, apart from the letters that some kind of bonus are given for having one that begins a mission. Outside of that, a package of stories would also have been welcome to further increase the ability to reproduce, but, again, probably just by greed, since I enjoyed much of what was already included.

There is also an expansion, but you do not even need it to have several nights of games of great success with GI Joe The Deck-Building Game. Once again, Renegade Game Studios offers an experience that feels like a natural extension of the franchise while finding additional forms of refreshing the game still tight and rewarding. Genre fans will not have trouble getting started, and GI Joe fanatics will discover a new way of enjoying their favorite franchise. If you are a fan of both? Well, you’re going to have an absolutely fabulous time.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

GI Joe The Deck-Building Game is available in stores and retailers online now.

_ REVIEW COPYPY provided by Renegade Game Studios._

Person 5 will leave the PS Plus collection in May; terms

The PlayStation Plus collection will say goodbye to one of the titles that are included since its launch. Person 5 Leave your participation behind the next May 11, which will mark a stay of 18 months. All players who can exchange it will continue to download it from their digital library Person long Person they keep their subscription to PS Plus.

What is the PlayStation Plus collection and what games does it include?

The collection of PS Plus is a catalog of 20 games “that defined the generation” of PS4. Exclusive and third-party projects, the company offers this advantage added to subscribers who have a PS5 in their power. Of course, the games once you can see you can be played on PS4.

PlayStation Studios

  • Bloodborne
  • Days Gone.
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • God of War
  • Infamous second are
  • Ratchet and clank
  • The LPersont Guardian
  • The LPersont of Us RemPersontered
  • Until Dawn
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Third Games Party:

  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Battlefield 1.
  • CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS III – Zombies Chronicles Edition
  • CrPersonh Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
  • Fallout 4.
  • Final FantPersony XV Royal Edition
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Person 5.

Почему 6 игр вместо 20 активация ps plus collection ?
* Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

How to download the games from the PS Plus collection in PS5

  1. Turn on your PS5 and go to PS Plus section in the main menu (the yellow + icon)
  2. Enter, you will see that there are no loading times. Go to the section Explore .
  3. There you will see several categories: PS4 month game, game of the month of PS5, PS Plus Collection…
  4. We click on PS Plus Collection and we will see the 20 included titles (the Complete List left it below).
  5. Select the games you want and download them; When you have finished the download you can execute them whenever you keep subscribed to PS Plus.
  6. Make sure you have free space. PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition have 825 GB on your SSD storage disk ( 667 GB usable ).

Announce prequel series of it for HBO Max

If you thought that the IT franchise had already come to an end after the premiere of his second film in 2019, then you were very wrong. We say this because it has been confirmed that a pre-season series of this franchise is already under development, and will arrive exclusively at HBO Max in the future.

According to information about Variety , this new project will be given as a name Welcome to Derry and will be set in 1960. Apparently, this story will finally tell us the origins of the terrifying pennywise , something that never He had previously been explained in the original work of Stephen King.

Andy Muschietti, Director of the two previous films of IT, will return for this series as an executive producer next to Barbara Muschietti and Jason Fuchs. At the moment, we do not know when exactly we will see the premiere of this production, but considering that it was barely confirmed, it would be better if you prepare to wait a few more years.


Editor’s note: Really the only bad thing about all this is that Stephen King will no longer be involved with this series. We have seen that when these kinds of things happen, the results are not always the best, but I hope Muschietti managed to give us something that the fans of the saga will really appreciate.

FC Schalke 04 brings former Bavaria

The Schalke reinforces its coaching team with Peter Hermann for the upcoming final spurt in the Bundesliga rise race.

Hermann will now reinforce the team of Interim Chef Mike Büskens as a co-trainer. For the 70-year-old, it is the return to FC Schalke 04, for which he was already working on the side of Jens Keller from 2013 to 2014.

As a longtime assistant of Jupp Heynckes he won the Champions League with FC Bayern 2013. In addition, he brought the German championship as co-trainer 2013, 2018 and 2019.

“According to the talks with those responsible, I had a good feeling. Schalke has taken a targeted development in recent months and made important steps in peace,” it said in a press rate of Schalker by Hermann.

Sports director Rouven Schröder hopes for Hermann “Important Impulse” for the “crucial phase of the current season”. “With his experience and technical qualification, he will reinforce our staff directly,” said Schröder: “He was himself professional, has been working successfully as a co-trainer for 30 years now on an absolute top level and has experienced a variety of situations.”

Hermann was last co-trainer of the German U20 national team. There he wants to return after the summer. “He signals that he would like to hang out for another year over the summer. At the same time he also wants to help FC Schalke 04 in the next two months,” said Meikel Schönweitz, head coach of the U national teams.

Schalke 04: Who takes over in summer?

Meanwhile, on Schalke is still looking for a solution for the summer. For Büsken, a longer commitment is out of the question. Kosta Runjaic, who will give up his post as a sports director at Pogon Szczecin in the summer, was last brought by the waz into play. The Sport picture called three more candidates.

Daniel Fark, who had left the Russian club FK Krasnodar in the course of Ukraine War, Setfan Leitl from the SPVGG Greuther Fürth and Sandro black would be on the list of Schröder.

Black is currently at Dinamo Moscow and still owns a contract until 2024. But the 43-year-old has a good relationship with Schröder from common times at FSV Mainz 05.

Articles and videos about the topic
* BVB lost 120 million euros
* Watzke: “Great danger for the Bundesliga”

  • BVB wants to react to injured dizers
  • Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

Most Dramatic Moment in German Football - Bundesliga Rewind
Leitl is also bound to its association, but would have doubted the report, whether he wants to carry the responsibility with the shamrocks after a very likely descent into the 2nd league. But negotiations have not come with any of the candidates.

Watzke: Personalies Koch and Peters at FIFA and UEFA a problem

FIFA 22 - Man City vs. Atletico Madrid - UEFA Champions League 21/22 Quarter Final PS5 Gameplay | 4K
Hans-Joachim Watzke sees the representation of the German Football Federation (DFB) in the international top committees extremely critical and therefore hopes for a change of staff. “Bernd Neuendorf and I recognized the problem, we already analyze it and will solve it,” said the first Vice President League of the DFB of the Sport picture.

Currently, the failed presidential candidate Peter Peters (term to 2024) is sitting for the DFB in the Council of the World Association FIFA. The also in the new elections in early March from the DFB Presidium Slipped Rainer Koch (until 2025) represents German football in the Executive Committee of the European Football Union (UEFA).

With the UEFA, however, there have already been talks about a change of personnel, Watzke said, “Of course, there is the expectation that specifically the DFB as the largest sports fabric of the world will send its top staff into the committees of UEFA and FIFA. As far as their occupation is concerned We discuss in the Bureau after we talked to Peter Peters and Rainer Koch. “

Watzke, new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the German Football League (DFL), had been chosen as a league representative on the Bundestag in March together with the new DFL boss Donata Hops in March.

Articles and videos about the topic
* Neuendorf is new DFB president: That’s the choice
* Watzke: “Great danger for the Bundesliga”
* BVB wants to react to injured dizers
* The Bundesliga Fridays and Sundays exclusively live on Dazn – Register now!

Fortnite Do not requiring you to build – the brand-new “develop no”

What has Epic eliminated in Fortnite? In Fortnite, the preferred and at the same time despised particular was gotten rid of – construct. On the launch of the second season of the Battle-Royal Shooter, players were shocked when they were inside matches, yet no building was readily available.

Nevertheless, a brand-new trailer as well as modes in Fortnite now assure the contrary and also leave you the choice as you would certainly like to play.

Sloane, a number from the story of Fortnite, disabled structure and also therefore caused tougher fighting on the field of battle. Regardless of this, several players had a good time ultimately to come down on the map without being associated with perspiring building battles. Lots of players been afraid, the no-build mode was temporary as well as would certainly claim goodbye to the 29th of March.

Apex Legends PC Live Play: Ryzen 3 2200G vs RTX 2080 Ti vs GTX 1060!

Lots of players were informnite uncertain whether the “no develop” mode stays in the game, today on March 29, Epic has taken seriously. A trailer and entire four new modes now adore the option of players in their collection of activities.

Structure or do not develop? You have the option!

Epic has actually assembled a brand-new trailer in which action-packed and amazing scenes can be seen, where no develop is energetic:

The jetpacks loaded in the risk-free are to be seen, consisting of a huge rocket launcher, with which you quickly do away with the frustrating tanks as well as great deals of parallel. EPIC marks the 4 modes for solo, duos, trios and groups as “zero construct” as well as can be managed as well as picked any time because March 29 in the food selection.

What do the players state to the choice? The action of the area under the trailer is regularly favorable. They comment with declarations like:

  • “This trailer is actually ill! Truthfully, I love not-build! “- Placid
  • “I truly like the brand-new no-building since the video game really feels great brand-new and also you have to consider just how to play without structures. Magnum opus, EPIC! “- Zefew
  • “The game is so fresh without constructing! Reminds me of the OG days. “- Prize

Where are the building and construction modes? As you absolutely discovered, the construction modes are not visible.

** Lots of players were informnite uncertain whether the “no develop” setting stays in the game, yet currently on March 29, Epic has actually taken seriously. A trailer and entire four brand-new modes currently adore the option of players in their collection of tasks. Many players been afraid, the no-build setting was short-term and would say bye-bye to the 29th of March.

What do you think about the irreversible “no develop modes”? Do you find it great the EPIC here the option makes you intend to play whatever mode? Let’s understand in the remarks as you are!

With this choice, Fortnite can maintain his recognition attribute as well as still stay intriguing for many “non-farmer”.

Where are the building and construction modes? As you absolutely located, the construction modes are not noticeable. This is at an insect that Epic will certainly soon take care of. Whether a hotfix is released or Epic manages the internally, is unidentified. We keep you as much as day if Fortnite opens them.

“Sprite Fantasia-Spirit Story-” Released on April 19! Furthermore, the number of pre-registrants breaks up to 300,000, and production systems are also introduced!

The X-Legend Entertainment was notified that the formal service start date was determined April 19 (Tuesday) in the smartphone application “Sprite Phantasia-Spiritogale-” scheduled to start this spring.

The X-Legend Entertainment will announce that the official service start date was determined on April 19 (Tuesday) in the smartphone app for the smartphone scheduled to start this spring.

And today, we will introduce the “Miggle Room” and “Miggle Island” production system. Online Games “Grand Fantasia-Spirit Story-“, you can create many items and buildings through the power of Miggles, and create a variety of avatars. In addition, we continue to be accepted in advance, and the number of pre-registrants has ever brought out 300,000 people.

# Child who strives is good miggirl

In the game, when the function of “Miggle room” is released depending on the player’s progress, the miggles will work with “Kariya” and “greenhouse”. Migl works in Miggle room and always produces many resources, so you can secure various resources just by regular recovery.

After the material is complete, the Miggles can be processed at the “workshop” in the Miggle room to make a variety of avatars. There is a rumor that many design diagrams are scattered in various places in the Arachikica continent, so you may be able to make special items!

# Create a dream of Miggle

With the opening of the “Miggle Island” feature, the player can go to the Miggle Island at any time from the function screen. It is not only possible to cultivate many types of crops in the island, but also to keep animals on a ranch. Here, my own life is not a dream!

Alternatively, quarter migls are gathered on the island, and various services are served. There are various facilities such as a request center, a pet shop, a seafood stand, a pet shop, a seafood stand, a tavern, and hot spring rooms. Collect the required materials, build a building and create a unique Miggull island.

# Each pre-registered number of 300,000 people break up!

The number of pre-registrants of “Sprite Phantasia-Spirit Story-” has topped 300,000 people. As we will give luxurious rewards according to the number of achievements, if you have not previously registered, please look for a formal release of “Sprite Phantasia-Spirit Story-” after the registration.

【Reception period】
February 17 (Thursday) -Use before delivery start

[Pre-registration details page]

[Pre-registration fee]
SSR “Knowledge Experience / Flora” + Avatar “Fragrant Shrimp Fly”

▼ Achieved a prior registrant number achieved
· Achieved 10,000 people: Recollection card Gacha ticket X1 → CLEAR
· Achievement of 50,000: Avatar “Pan Diambo Fu” → CLEAR
· Achieved 100,000 people: SR “Usapoo Cup” → CLEAR
· Avatar “Avatar’s tail” → Clear
· Achieved 500,000 people: SR “Guardian Miggle Amato”

# # Official Twitter Followers 30,000 people break up!

The number of official Twitter’s followers has topped 30,000! Avatar “fox hat” will be presented to everyone as a breakthrough reward.

Eklat at the Oscars: Will Smith apologizes for the eartief (Update)

UPDATE from 29 March 2022: Meanwhile, the actor wants to speak Smith via Instagram again and apologizes on this occasion especially at the Comedian Chris Rock for his misconduct . Although Smith had already requested forgiveness during his thank-on speech at the Oscar rentals, but Chris Rock left outside.

Will Smith Cries, Apologizes In 2022 Oscars Speech After Altercation
_ “Violence is both poisoning and destructive in all its shapes. My behavior at yesterday’s Academy Awards was unacceptable and not to apologize. Jokes that go on my costs include my job. But a joke about the medical constitution of Jada I could not endure and I reacted emotionally. I want to apologize to you in public, Chris. I was completely beside the track and I was wrong, I’m ashamed. My actions did not show the man I would like to be. It would like to be There is no room for violence in this world of love and friendliness. “_

Original message: In yesterday, the Dolby Theater of Los Angeles took place in the meantime 94. Award of the Oscars. Actually, this is always an event full of glamor and good mood, because after all, the most important award in the film industry is in focus. But this time it came to a tangible score during the event.

Will Smith beats strongly

The incident passed shortly before the award of the Oscars for the best documentary. As a Laudator for this was the well-known comedian Chris Rock (child heads) on the stage. In his typical flap-like, Rock first brought some more or less funny sayings to the best. One of them was at the expense of Jada Pinkett Smith , the wife of the actor Will Smith . He could not wait to see them in the successor of the film “The Act Jane”. He played on the bald of Jada and shot out of the target.

The bald is not a fashion gag, but rises a disease when Jada Pinket Smith has suffered for some time. At first, her husband laughed smith even over the saying, but ran a little later on the stage to Chris Rock to miss him a sounding slap . This was followed by a short verbal confrontation in which Smith asks the Comedian asked to leave his wife out of the game.

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External content more in our privacy policy.

Will Smith receives an Oscar

Chris Rock initially reacted irritated and probably did not know if and how he should continue. But ultimately he had relatively well under control and led professionally for the presentation of the best documentary. Incidentally, it was not the only appearance of Will Smith this evening. In the later course of the event he came to the stage again. This time, however, the occasion was much more enjoyable, because he accepted the award for the best actor , which he received for his participation in the movie “King Richard”. Incidentally, the Blu-ray of the film can already be pre-ordered.

Source: Twitter

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Overview of Mad Experiments 2


Escape Game, popular success in recent years, do not stop emulating. In addition to board games and the books you are the hero, this theme has also been adapted into video games. If the undisputed leader in this field is Escape Simulator (which I warmly recommend), a small Quebec studio led by a Frenchman, PlaytoTher Studio , tries to find the exit door. After getting out Mad Experiments in April 2020, the Canadian studio returns with a new title, soberly entitled MAD Experiments 2 .

Mad Experiments Escape Room (Chapter 2)

On the menu, for the moment, only the prologue and the first chapter. The first takes about twenty minutes and the second leave up to one hour (unless you opt for the mode offering an unlimited duration). In short, the adventure is currently quite short; Two additional chapters should be added before the end of early access.

In addition, specify that the title is currently only available in English. It’s not at all problematic for puzzles, which rest very little on the text. On the other hand, it is a little more embarrassing for the narration, which occupies an important place. The first game had been translated, so it is likely that it will happen for 1.0.

Let’s come to the heart of the subject: riddles. Their difficulty is well balanced: they are hard enough not to be found instantly (in any case not all) and simple enough to not block the players too long. There are very few interactive objects, which is in itself an index: if you can interact with an object, it is probably useful. It is in itself almost a pity: it would have been better to have more disruptors.

On the other hand, and this is a different welcome compared to Escape Simulator: the room evolves a lot as the enigma advances. It is very pleasant ; This really gives the impression of progressing, not to stay blocked at the same point.

Early Access

About a month ago, I tried Mad Experiments 2 on the occasion of Steam Neo Fest . I wrote a detailed return on my experience, which only wore on the prologue. I finally decided not to publish it, waiting to see what the game would give to its exit; I did well.

The game has been significantly improved since. He knew a lot of small changes, which facilitated some riddles too complicated at the time. The developers are really listening to the returns of players, who are invited to express their opinion from the main menu.

This listening is really positive because the title still suffers from many youth mistakes. Let’s take two concrete examples. First, you can only transport an object at a time. If you want to take another one, you have to let go of the one you held before… and it then floats in the air. In addition to the unrealistic aspect, it hinders mobility since it is not possible to cross objects. Escape Simulator offers an inventory system (to store several on themselves) and trash can (to get rid of unnecessary objects) that are much more efficient.

Manipulation of objects is also a real problem of the game because the simple fact of turning them to be able to read them easily holds the obstacle course; In Chapter 1, I had to take an object, turn it, let go, take it back from another angle and redo it to be able to read it simply.

Second, the multiplayer is quite poorly integrated. Indeed, it is not possible to invite directly to people to join us (or at least I did not find how to do it): you have to create a room, give it a name and share this name to our friends, who must then enter it from their menu. Similarly, a room is only valid for a specific chapter: If you want to make the prologue, then the first chapter, you have to leave the game and create a new room for all players.

Finally, players are represented only by masks, customizable. It’s nice to be able to choose his appearance, but it often makes it difficult to know where our partners are, much more than if they were represented by a whole body.

Sunday, everything is allowed

In recent months, it has become a routine: every Sunday, my friends and I explore some Virtual Game Escape Rooms. The exit of a new game in this area has particularly interested us. The demo was unconvincing, but the title has improved significantly since. Is it necessary to recommend it? It’s hard to say. I am convinced that at its complete exit, the game will offer quality experience; short, but friendly. On the other hand, the Escape Game are in essence a content to almost zero rejoicing: I redisted the prologue after trying it in anticipated access and it just allowed me to see the improvements. My first experience has suffered from poorly finalized puzzles, which will not suffer subsequent players. On the other hand, it is also nice to participate in development, to discuss directly with developers on improvements. They listen to our returns and this is seen, which may be enough to justify the relatively modest price of the game (9.30 €, minus a 10% reduction valid until 04 April).

Aperçoined on PC by Alandring thanks to a version provided by the developer.

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