Among the many quest straps where players can participate in Elden Ring, EDGAR will probably be one of the first. After this is said and to make sure that you can conclude his quest series and can experience his destiny, you will find a step-by-step instructions, as you can complete Edgar’s quest series ELDENRING .

ELDEN RING EDGAR Questline Guide: All steps and places: Step 1 – Meet Irina

To start Edgar’s quest series, you first have to complete the IRINA daughter. To do this, you have to go to the victim bridge and make them on the site of the lost grace. She will then imagine and ask her to bring a letter to her father because she is mainly concerned about his safety. You can check Irina’s location below, as it is displayed on the map of the game:

Step 2 – Deliver the letter to Edgar

After talking to Irina, you have to go beyond the point where you hit them, and follow the path south of the map, which leads you to Castle Morne. Once you have arrived in the castle, you can find Edgar by going through the area guarded by a crazy pumpkin head, and then go up to the stars, which are right next to the “boss”. If you have done that, just follow the path up to see Edgar on a bench in a non-enemy area. If you meet him, deliver Irina’s letter.

Step 3 – Defeat Leonine Missing

After you have made Edgar Irinas letter, you must defeat the boss of the area, Leonine Misgots, to unlock the next part of the quest series. You can call Edgar to fight by interacting with its congestion sign that is located near the Nebeltor. As you defuse the boss, you will learn here.

Step 4 – Return to Edgar

After defeating the boss, they return to Edgar, which will ask him to thank them for the replacement of the Grafted Blade Greatsword before expressing his desire to finally be united with his daughter.

Step 5 – Return to Irina

After talking to Edgar, return to the location of the lost grace on the sacrificial bridge and go to the place where you have hit Irina before. There you will find both Edgar and Irina, the latter is now dead. In order to continue searching, talk to Edgar, who then swears, to find the leaders for the death of his daughter.

Last step – go to Rächerhütte

After meeting him on the sacrifice, you can complete Edgar’s quest series by visiting Revenger’s Shack, an area in Liurnia of the Lakes, north of the Minor Erdtree. When you reach the area, Edgar will welcome you, now as “Edgar the Rächer”, an enemy intruder NPC. To complete Edgar’s guest, you just have to defeat him. After defeating him, Edgar drops a brightness of the Banned Knights +8 as well as a Shabriri grape and 1,000 runes.

It is important to point out that you can see different corpses in the hut next to the site of the lost grace, suggesting that Edgar could avenue for Irinas death, but after fulfillment of his promise itself lost itself in the grief.

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