Elden ring is not known for its beginner-friendly difficulty level. The game no errors forgive you. But there are ways to make life easier in the intermediate lands. Some attentive fans have new tips ready with whom the opponents in Elden Ring no longer be so hard.

Weather effects on spells

On Reddit, for example, User Light_Inc shares its latest discovery with us. For different weather conditions, the player tried the same magic to the same opponents and found that rain has an influence on the spells.

Which effect has the weather? As the weather changes the status of the opponents on “wet”, fire magic make a little less harm. But there are wet opponents more susceptible to electricity, lightning spells share a stronger damage. Sounds logical.

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Additional useful tips

The Youtuber Iron Pineapple has even shared a whole collective tour of tips that are very useful for newcomers. We have picked out a few tricks for you, which you should keep in mind:

  • Wind columns: At these places, you can normally liberate a super jump with your render. But it works conversely, jumping with your riding of high altitude to a windsamer, you do not suffer any case damage.
  • Luminous eyes: If you should meet opponents with glowing orange eyes, you should kill them as much as possible. These opponents droppen five times as many runes as normal representatives.
  • Toxic areas: You should not use the role in toxic areas if possible in toxic areas. So you covers you with poison and your poison display also rises when you are already out of the toxic fluid.
  • Use objects as a projection: Barrels, tables and other objects usually break when we run a jump or a role on or on them. But we jump from a larger distance to boxes and other objects, they will not be destroyed and we can land on them. So you can use in some places as a projection to get higher places.
  • FRIENDLY FIRE: Did you know that opponents can harm each other? Rises on your horse and rides around an opponent group, so that the enemies turn off each other with their own attacks.

The rest of the tips can you discover in his video. That’s in English, but an automatic translation in German can be set. There he reveals a total of 25 helpful tricks and mechanics with which opponents are easier to defeat:

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Other useful entry-level tips also get you on Toxic:

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Elden ring

8 valuable tips that make you the entry easier


Elden Ring celebrates sales success

Although the high degree of difficulty could be deterrent for many newcomers, Elden Ring sells like warm rolls. Even the technically weaker PC version creates a large launch success.

No wonder, because in the intermediate lands there is a lot to discover. Although the map is not the utmost in comparison to other video games, it was fully stuffed with all sorts of puzzles and secrets to discover.

Incidentally, more guides to Elden Ring can be found in our guide category. There, not only finds of rare items, but also important places on the map and how their spirits can summon.

Do you have useful tricks with whom you hit you through Elden Ring?