It is no secret that the action role-playing elden ring (from 50.99 € at buy) has been extremely successful since its launch. This is reflected not only on the basis of the charts placements or the audience at the streaming platform Twitch, but also in other categories. With one of them, the game of from software is even shortly before a large milestone.

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How to take a current statistic on SteamDB, the PC version of Elden Ring was able to reach a peak of more than 950,000 active players last Saturday (March 5, 2022). It was just 953,426 users, which is well above the numbers of each other game published by FROM Software. In addition, Elden Ring was thus able to push into the top 10 and even in front of such strong competitors such as New World, Terraria or the Survival-Hit Valheim. It can not be ruled out that soon the 1-million mark will eventually fall, which could ultimately mean the leap before cyberpunk 2077 in this category.

This scenario is not unlikely that this scenario is not: Currently, the PC version of Elden Ring is plagued by some (technical) problems. These certainly scares some players. If the developers of From Software could eliminate the mistakes in the near future, some of the skeptics may return and drive the game numbers upwards.

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