Visually, the SNES was an absolute pioneer at the 1990 release – the console rang a golden generation of video games that looked better than everything was previously known. In comparison with today’s hardware, the SNES but of course can not compete graphically – even if Raytracing on the console is possible , as now a modder has proven in a video.

RayTracing on SNES – Modder makes it possible!

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On the YouTube Channel Shironeko Labs has shown a modder, which is graphically everything in the SNES – and that’s a lot.

Through the sophisticated modes of a chip of a games cartridge , it has managed to run the Youtuber to run raytracing on the 30-year-old gaming platform. The result of the SuperRT chip can be seen quite in the video. Although the square pixel graphic is of course still available, but the shadows and reflections in the game are pretty impressive from today’s perspective.

Look here here the work of the SuperRT chip on the SNES in the video:

(Source: YouTube, ShironeKo Labs)

RayTracing: What is that?

Raytracing is one of the absolute buzzwords of the latest console generation. The term means radiation tracking translates and refers to the elaborate and realistic representation of light beams . Thus, not only the lighting conditions, but also reflections in video games can be imaged much more realistic.

Both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X are in principle capable of raytracing, but not all games make use of use. In the PS5-hit Spider-Man: Miles Morales, for example, you can experience raytracing even with full 60 fps.

In our video we explain you, which is so special about Raytracing: