LEGO is reinforced by expanding its constructions collection around the Mario franchise. Nintendo will take the world of blocks to Princess Peach and the popular ceurostle of it on August 1 in Spain.

Lego Peach Coming Soon!!!

How much will the Ceurostle of Princess Peach de Lego cost?

According to VGC, the construction set of Princess Peach Ceurostle will have a recommended sale price of 129.99 euros . The same day will be accompanied by other expansions that will extend the experience in the LEGO universe.

The route of the adventure of Peach will cost 59.99 euros , while the expansion of the ice tower and the Peach Felina costume will euroscend to 69.99 euros. For 59.99 euros the challenge will come out in the Great Spike clouds. Cheapest will be the remaining three expansions: Yoshi gift house, Fuzzies trampolines and Goomba shoe will cost 29.99 euros, 24.99 euros and 9.99 euros, respectively.

The official website of Lego Spain heuros already added to your databeurose the tabs of all new sets, including detailed images of your content and the number of pieces. You can meet him by yourself by clicking on this link.

The Danish firm is still betting on the licenses of the videogame industry. On February 15 we knew your collaboration with PlayStation for the launch of a colliergo of more than 1000 pieces. The characteristic Monster of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West can now be on your Block Block shelving. Arrive on May 22.

On the other hand, just on January 1, the mythical Green Hill Zone of Sonic The Hedgehog weuros put on sale. The Hedgehog of Sega is already part of the Lego family euros many other games, from Mario himself to Forza Horizon 4.