What are the the best the Simpsons games ? When the Simpsons were broadcast for the first time at the end of 1989, only a few could foresee his cultural effect. Although her attraction has slightly decreased in the last 30 years, it remains with over 700 episodes and count the longest ongoing American cartoon series. Created by Matt Groening and the depiction of the heroics of an average, everyday family, its characters – including the title simpsons – have become known names.

It does not surprise that there were a number of video game links in such a long-standing success, many of which appeared during the explosion of the franchise at the beginning of the 1990s on the NES and SNES. The number of publications has cooled down in the following years, since the general interest in the Simpsons is of course flattened, but there are still several Playstation titles inspired by the show and became a cult classic.

Most of the most interesting is how versatile the Simpsons franchise has proven. Over the past three decades, it was host for driving games, wrestling games, Open World games and even skateboard games. This underlying flexibility has led to some sharp heights and depths for Springfield’s most famous family, but The Simpsons: Hit & Run are still very sought after today, 20 years after initial publication.

On this page we have a list of the best the Simpsons games , which includes the first adjustments of the series for PS1 to more modern PS3 titles. Of course, you can determine this order yourself because our list is ordered according to your personal reviews. You can submit your own thoughts by using the search box below or clicking on the star next to the field of each game.

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8th. The Simpsons Wrestling (PS1)

Similar to The Simpsons skateboarding, which was published about a year later on the PS2, The Simpsons Wrestling was a TV show that followed trends. At that time, WWF titles were huge on PlayStation, and so it made it for the group of money-motivated executives who signed the project, undoubtedly make people like Barney Gumble and Groundskeeper Willie to throw in a wrestling ring. Unfortunately, the developer Big Ape Productions delivered a sloppy experience with delayed control and a complete lack of gameplay balance. The graphic was pretty impressive for the PS1, but this was a critical catastrophe that was planned by practically every publication in 2001.

7. The Simpsons Skateboarding (PS2)

When The Simpsons Skateboarding was released in 2002, franchise companies such as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and SSX were at the height of their performance. In fact, extreme sports were announced in the early zero years, and given the fact that the Simpsons beard was often on a skateboard made the Crossover sense. Unfortunately, the game was terrible, with sloppy control and bad presentation. It was massively overshadowed by The Simpsons: Road Rage, which was released a year before and a far superior – if it was legally controversial – title.

6. The Simpsons game (PS2)

The PS2 was such a successful console that Publisher was still playing back in 2007. And, maybe not surprising, The Simpsons Game plays great. While Publisher Electronic Arts had to enter graphic compromises compared to the PS3 version, the core adventure remained intact, so that they can take control of a variety of levels across a number of different characters from the TV show, each of which offers a unique insight The versatile and often disrespectful world of Springfield.

5. The Simpsons game (PSP)

While the Nintendo DS version of The Simpsons Game was a completely different experience, the horsepower of Sony’s Handheld Electronic Arts enabled to port the PS2 version to the PSP. This meant that this portable port offered the same 3D adventure as its console counterparts, complete with intermediate sequences identical to the TV show. Obviously, graphic compromises were discussed, and the PS3 version was still superior, but this issue could be played completely on the way, which made it impressive.

4. The Simpsons game (PS3)

After the success of the Simpsons: Hit & Run, it felt like Springfield became an iconic backdrop for video games, at eye level with the mushroom kingdom and Hyrule. As it turned out, there was a four-year break between the Open World project of Radical Entertainment and the Koop Adventure of Redwood Shores. The gameplay loop in The Simpsons Game can best be compared to modern LEGO titles in which you play as a variety of characters each with special skills to solve a variety of gameplay puzzles. It was short and a little unpolished, but still a faithful reproduction of the extremely popular television program.

3. The Simpsons: Road Rage (PS2)

The Simpsons: Road Rage was crazy taxi so amazingly similar that it actually initiated a lawsuit of the Juggernaut-Verlag Sega, who believed that the connection to the TV show violated his original idea. This litigation was finally privately attached to a non-mentioned fee, which might indicate that Electronic Arts had no leg on which it could stand. Against this background, it will not surprise that Road Rage was a driving game in which she brought the famous residents of Springfield to various iconic goals. Despite the obvious plagiarism, the gameplay loop has fun made, though the entire concept of The Simpsons: Hit & Run was exceeded.

Top 10 Simpsons Games

2. The Simpsons Arcade game (PS3)

One of the earliest adaptations from the Simpsons and probably one of the best: Konamis Four Player Brawlers with Springfield’s most famous faces was such a slamdunk that it was finally ported over 21 years after its original as the Simpsons Arcade Game to the PS3 release. And it’s still a corkscrew with its pixel-accurate replica of Matt Groenings universe and high-optic combat systems. Since the entire Simpsons family is playable without maggia, there is a great variety in the gameplay, as each character has its own thematic weapon – including a vacuum cleaner, the matriarcher margin is amusing.

1. The Simpsons: Hit & Run (PS2)

Generally considered the best adaptation of the Simpsons in video game form, there are still large parts of the gaming community, which require a remake of this parody on Grand Theft car from the PS2 era. The Simpsons: Hit & Run retains the driving gameplay by The Simpsons: Road Rage and transforms Springfield into a sandbox in which you can explore freely and pick up missions from iconic characters from the television series. Although never a continuation was turned, it was a critical and commercial hit and will be happy to remember because of its disrespect humor and its sharp visual style.

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