Katana Moonveil Katana, one of the best guns for exploration, makes fighting at the near distance of an easy task. Able to apply bleeding, physical and magic damage, it is good almost in any situation. It is located in the western part of Caelid and can be obtained at the very beginning of the game.

Eden Ring: MOONVEIL KITANA EXPLOIT - How To Get FAST & EASY - How To Get Moonveil Kitana Guide

Where to find Moonveil in Tunnel Gael

Following the road leaving Limgrave Players can find Gael Tunnel Traveling south from His rotten . Enemies are strong here at the beginning of the game, and the receipt of agro from larger enemies can mean instant death. To get Lunar cover Players just need to go through the dungeon and fight the boss inside.

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Fight with Magmovy Snake

At the initial level, this boss may be difficult for most players. However, there are good ways pretty easy to remove damage. In the mine several splinters of a brilliant stone This will deal with magic damage when used. Magmum serpent Pretty weak to magic and can be attacked at a distance or with magic or consumable magical objects. Sharing the boss will stop him from the lava eruption to the floor, and will also open it for a critical strike.

After the defeat, the magma snake will relieve Lunar cover Katana, welcome weapons for any intelligence in the game.

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