While the beta phase of overwatch 2 should soon start, Blizzard unveiled in detail (source in English) its new communication system via a ping system. The FPS is therefore a rather classic action roulette and messages in team shooting games, allowing the teammates to communicate with each other without flood the vocal chat.

Overwatch 2 Developer Livestream - 18th March 2022


While the Voice Chat exists since the output of the first opus, OW 2 will have a real ping system, allowing to transmit accurate information to your teammates without opening your microphone.

This ping System is very similar to what we already know about FPS and team games. It makes it possible to identify the presence of an enemy, to communicate on your intentions as well as ask for help.

In addition, a ping on an enemy will follow a few seconds, as long as it is visible. On the other hand, if a character disappears (like Sombra), the ping will be placed at the last known place of the enemy.

This novelty should help to communicate better between players, especially low level where the vocal chat is rarely used wisely. In addition, Blizzard considers that this new system will improve communication within a team without using your microph1. This could therefore hope to limit the toxicity to Overwatch 2.

A date for Overwatch 2?

If you still not have a date for OW 2, the Blizzard FPS is more and more over time. While a beta phase should be started soon, we consider that Overwatch 2 should go out around the start of the school year 2022 (at the end of August / early September).