From the targeted world champion title at the Winter World Cup 2022 in Qatar, Roberto Mancini had repeatedly spoken, that was the goal on which he holds. The reality is a completely different: the proud Azzurri, after all four-time World Cup winners and acting European champion after a large tournament last summer, failed in the World Cup-play-offs already in the domestic Palermo on Nordmasedonia.

Participation in the Grand Tourery was already missed for the second time in a row \ – because everyone forward Domenico Berardi had not used the best chances for a largely dominant Squadra Azzurra and finally in the detention time Aleksandar Trajkovski just took part and left behind against Gianluigi Donnarumma to extremely Surprising 1: 0 met (90. + 2).

And in addition to his World Cup victory slogans (“We want to become world champion”) Mancini had also called “a week of passion” by his protégés. It was only a day of sporting horror from Italian view – 256 days after the Wembley Party.

The World Cup thoughts on 2006 fade more and more

The GAU also illustrates the following statistics: the last K.-O. game of the Azzurri in a World Championship now dates from 2006, as the then team around heroes such as Gianluigi Buffon, Alessandro Nesta, Fabio Cannavaro, Gennaro Gattuso, Andrea Pirlo, Francesco Totti, Alessandro del Piero or Luca Toni in the final France in penalties (5: 3) had beaten.

Since then, the balance sheet is: in the 2010 group stage, from in the 2014 group phase, in 2018 in Russia missed after play-off-out against Sweden, wm 2022 missed in Qatar after embarrassing against Nordmasedonia. Now it is said to the next chance until the tournament 2026 in Canada, the US and Mexico wait – for 20 years the last K.-O. game will be in a World Cup, if it is even with this final round with participation as well as the Surviving the group phase works. The “worst case” would be when the World Cup curse would continue so “cheerful”.

MANCINI: “I’m sorry”

For Mancini, this is “the most beautiful experience in my life” (the em-victory in the final against England in the summer) now “the greatest disappointment of his life”. The coach admitted to the coach right after the out of Nordmasedonia and continued to be: “We did not really have been here, we dominated the group (1th place in the World Cup Quali Group to Switzerland formally produced; Note D, Red.)… It’s hard to talk about it now. “

A catastrophe for Italy!

“Gazzetta dello sport”

A little more the 57-year-old was still going on: “I’m sorry for this group of great players. They have gotten me even more to my heart than last summer. That’s just a very heavy moment for you, for us all. ” In particular, for Leonardo Bonucci (34, struck not in the squad) and Giorgio Chiellini (37, only late), whose national team career tend to end anyway.


This teams are qualified for the World Cup 2022

What the future brings and whether his future is questionable as a national coach, Meanwhere, Meanwhile did not know. With an entered expression, he only said, “It’s too early to say what will happen. The disappointment outweighs. All will now be much too disappointed to think directly about the future. It is not just in the next Days. ” In the near future, he and his players will come around in any case with hard headlines from the usual critical landscape of Italian gazettes – a beginning of the late Thursday evening the “Gazzetta dello Sport” made: “A catastrophe for Italy!”

Or in the words of Marco Verrati: “A nightmare!”