In our The artisan of the planet biomass guide, we will tell you what you need to know about this new mechanics of terraformation that marks the beginning of half of the game.

How the artisan of the planet_ works of biomass

_ The artisan of the planet_ biomass is a measure of how much life you have on your planet. At first, you will not have anything more than a few loose blades. However, as you advance in the game, you will start adding more and more complex life to your ecosystem.

Biomass is not just a game mechanics, mind, it also represents an opportunity to decorate your world beyond placing some elegant furniture. For example, you probably have finished with one or two lockers full of seeds that you are not using. You can use Flower Spreaders to make real flowers grow in small areas of the planet’s surface. As you progress, you will get the ability to grow trees near the water. Subsequent versions of the game will add a more complex life than a bit of elegant vegetation.

How to unlock the biomass in The artisan of the planet

You can unlock biomass progressing in terraformation to the liquid water stage. Once you have done it, it will unlock the ability to start generating biomass and will now be traced on the screen – information.

Beginner's Guide The Planet Crafter

How to increase the biomass

You can increase the biomass in The artisan of the planet when planting plants. That means you will need to build buildings such as flower spreaders and biocakes.

The cultivation of biomass requires quite some time, due in part to the need for plant matter. Many of the best elements that can generate biomass require you to have a Farming configured first.

We have all finished with our planet craftsman. Biomass guide! Make sure you consult all the other guides we have created. There are many great things that you can discover in this game!

The guide is a work in progress and is currently being updated.

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