One piece fans are not so easy. There are always video games around Ruffy’s Piratenbande but none of that really convinces. Now a new RPG called One Piece Odyssey was announced that many wishes could fulfill.

One Piece Odyssey looks like a feast for fans

Since mid-2021, the name ONE Piece Odyssey stands thanks to a brand protection entry in the room. Now Bandai Namco has finally announced the game after a teaser and reveals that there is a JRPG behind it. As that looks, the first trailer shows:

  • Genre : RPG

  • Release : 2022
  • Platforms : PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One

What’s it : Details about the story are not yet known. But as the trailer shows, the pirate band stranded on a mysterious island with a broken ship. You control in the game Ruffy, but in the fighting, which are modeled by classic JRPGs, the entire group acts. The struggles should run round-based and you can trigger screen-filling special attacks.

The inventor is included : In contrast to other games based on One Piece, this time even the Mangaka Eiichiro Oda is included and contributed the story and new characters.

Who is behind it? The Studio ILCA is responsible for One Piece Odyssey. Especially Nintendo fans could already know the name. Because they were responsible for the fourth generation pokémon remakes last year. What the remakes of diamond and pearl can read in our review:

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ONE PIECE ODYSSEY - Announcement Trailer
As ODA reveals at the beginning of the trailer, he worked on the game three years ago. The RPG has been in development for a long time and could be much more ambitious than other anime offshoots. The producer reveals in its own video that it is probably the one piece game with the longest developer time. As a Engine, the developers were well chosen for the Unreal Engine. That would also explain why the game looks like Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot , which also used Unreal Engine 4 as a basis.

More current news about One Piece :

  • Teaser shows new the look of the straw hat pirate band
  • One Piece finally shows ruffy’s new shape and that is even better than hoped for

Next to One Piece Odyssey, there are many more games that appear in the coming weeks and months. We summarize the titles for you in our releaslists, which you can soon play on the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

Are you looking forward to the new one piece game and have your special wishes to the title?