Keighley himself has actually not left the chance to leave his mark on this fateful day for ESA and also E3 E, promptly after the initial journalists would echo the termination, he published in his main Twitter account a message with A wink , something that has made you obtain appeal however additionally some tirry from some video clip game fans.

The jokes are not missed either, but from the Summer Game Fest you can not yet reveal much more information past that there will be world exclusives from a number of companies. On the termination of the E3 we have actually composed in 3D video games, and we recommend the point of view column of Alberto Pastor who places us in a situation and also reviews the future of the occasion because of this as well as what this information can mean.

The official account in social networks of the summer a shared a new message remind us that its 2022 version will certainly show up in June , along with the adhering to message: “Join us this June for the Summer Game Fest, A party of videogames throughout the market that supplies a stunning online show provided by Geoff Keighley

The event account has remembered your consultation This news has drunk the videogame sector because it was a jug of cool water for the followers that come to your date with the Galas of the different business, which normally Make certain brand-new advertisements and also shocks of all kinds. Although the E3 is not accomplished this year, it will certainly do the Summer Game Fest that, although he has actually already confirmed his celebration at the end of in 2015, he wanted to put his finger back on the sore.

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E3 2022 Goes Digital (Again) | Is E3 Dead?

There is no greater admirer of the E3 that I geoff Keighley has also ultimately commented on your perceptions: “ There is no higher admirer than me of what an occasion is representing like the E3 for the industry. I will certainly always fight to do what I believe is best for games, and also I do not intend to quit me “.

The last days of the month of March have been moved. To the statements of the brand-new PLUS of PlayStation and the Breath of bush 2 delay, both this past Tuesday, the confirmation has actually signed up with the last evening that the E3 2022 has actually been canceled likewise in its electronic version, As we talked about the other day.