Sea of Thieves is just 50 percent at Steam – and ensures a real sale boom! Suddenly the pirate game is back to the bestseller charts, just behind Elden Ring and Lego Star Wars.

Sea of Thieves floats at Steam at the top

When it comes to pirate games, Sea of Thieves is a candidate that stands out immediately. With up to the four players you can charter a ship and thus Experience typical Buccane Adventure . On foreign islands are treasures hidden from undead and even lurking a throat under the waves.

However, pirates are not really known to be nicely unknown. On the open oceans, you play together with other sea builds, which can always decide to send your ship to the bottom of the ocean and steal your treasures. All this seems to be well received by the PC players. In the list of Steam Topseller Sea of Thieves is currently in fifth place. Only Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, the Valve Index VR-Kit, Elden Ring and the Steam Deck can make more sales. (Source: Steam Topseller)

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Pirate adventure is just much cheaper

To release in March 2018, the reviews to Sea of Thieves fell rather mixed. At that time, above all, it was criticized that there is hardly anything to do for the pirates. Since then, however, a lot seems to have d1. An update has even extended the game for a quest around Captain Jack Sparrow . On Steam, the user reviews are now very positive. 90 percent of nearly 200,000 reviews give the game a thumbs up.