Originally, _ Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero _, the next movie of this anime, was going to be available in April 2022. However, after a cyber attack, Toei Animation decided to delay this premiere indefinitely. Fortunately, today has been revealed when we will see Gohan and company on the big screen.

Through the official bill of the movie on Twitter, it was confirmed that _ Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero_ will reach the movie theaters in Japan on June 11, 2022 . Unfortunately, there is still no premiere date for the international market.

These are great news. Little by little, Toei Animation has recovered from the cyber attack that suffered a couple of weeks ago. The Animes of One Piece and Dragon Quest have returned to normal, and The new date of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero means that the company is ready to return to normal.

Remember, _ Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero_ will be released on June 11, 2022 . On related topics, here you can see the advancement of the fight between Gas and Bardock. Similarly, a rumor points out that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot would have a new DLC.

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We Have A NEW Release Date For Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO?!? | History of Dragon Ball

Big news for Dragon Ball fans. Of course, there is still a long way to see this tape in our territory, but this is a step on the right path. I can not wait to see this tape, and discover if Gohan and Piccoro finally have the adventure they deserve so much.