Exactly one month now is that CD project red the development of the next The Witcher part has officially confirmed. After recently given bad news to the Next-Gen update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which was now postponed on indefinite time , trying Neyrodesu with a new image of her Ciri Cosplay To ensure brightening at the community.

Outfit by Ciri with great attention to detail

Neyrodesu seems to be a big fan of the witcher from the Witcher Universe. This will not only be clear at the variety of photos , which she shared in the past on the Internet, but also on the great details , which hide on the costume. Your version of Ciri is very close to the template from the video game. Of course, the characteristic white hair as well as her scar in the face.

The community is celebrating the CIRI Cosplay

Positive feedback has already received Neyrodesu already in the RedDit Forum, which specifically revolves around Cosplays . User praise the costume and the work that the artist has put in the outfit. Also for your other pictures we have imagined you last, have been taken up with a lot of enthusiasm. The latest photo to the popular Ciri cosplay of Neyrodesu we have integrated here below.

How is the Witcher 4 continue?

Witcher 3 ???? BLOOD AND WINE ???? Witcher Ciri Visits Geralt's Home (No Romance)

Since the announcement of the next Witcher adventure, fans speculate, which the story is turning. The developers promise a new saga for the series. Geralt is therefore no longer represented as a protagonist. Many pendants now hope for Ciri, which might perhaps take over the lead role. We dealt with this question and tell you how realistic Ciri is the protagonist of the Witcher 4 really.

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