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NCsoft, 2022 Summer Internship released from May 2

NCsoft (CEO Kim Taek Jin, NC) is recruited from May 2 (Mon), 2022 Ncsoft Summer Intern (2022 NCSoft Summer Intern) in 2022.

Game business (online / mobile sector) ▲ Game business (experience / mobile sector) ▲ Game business (experience analysis / business development) ▲ game AI ▲ Vision AI ▲ Speech AI ▲ Language AI ▲ Data Analytics ▲ Cinematics Art ▲ Sound Design ▲ PM ▲ SOUND DESIGN ▲ PM ▲ SOUND DESIGN ▲ PM ▲ SOUND DESIGN ▲ PM ▲ ▲ Game Planning (Live IP) ▲ Game Planning (New IP and Services) ▲ Game Engine Development ▲ Game Development (Live IP) ▲ Game Development (New IP Division) ▲ In-house Mobile App Development ▲ Back-end development ▲ Web service development ▲ Game IP brand planning ▲ Organizational culture (OD) ▲ HRM (HRM) ▲ Security Administration ▲ SYSTEM ENGINEERING ▲ 25 sectors including Cloud Development.

The recruitment procedure is accepted ▶ Applications ▶ Document screening ▶ NC test ▶ interview. The application will be accepted on the Homepage of Enrollment (NC) from May 2 to 2 pm (NC) from 2 pm). Anyone can support anyone else’s degree holder or a degree acquisition (February 2023).

The final successful person works as an internship for seven weeks from early July. The excellent solution is a NC flagship system through the NC Flagship system to obtain a full-time employee incidence opportunity in 2023.

CBCF 2022 Summer Internship Program

The NC (NC) has greatly reorganized the typical procedure and progress method for the convenience of the applicant. All types of examples are in a non-surface, and the application of the application and the number of letters was reduced. In the case of development stunning, the coding test screening was expanded to establish a chapter of life.

Coding testing is a development stitch ▲ Game AI ▲ Vision AI ▲ Speech AI ▲ Language AI ▲ Game engine development ▲ Game development (Live IP division) ▲ Game development (new IP division) ▲ Development mobile app development ▲ Back-end development ▲ Web service development, etc. In 10 sectors. After receiving the application, it is possible to take the developer career platform ‘Programmers’. For winners for each sector, the prize money of 10 million won is awarded at the time of incidence.

The details of the recruitment will be provided through various channels such as ‘2022 Human Intern Temple Public Recruitment Guide Webpage’ and ‘Encussion Homepage Webpage’ held on May 2.

The Witcher: Look this successful Ciri

Exactly one month now is that CD project red the development of the next The Witcher part has officially confirmed. After recently given bad news to the Next-Gen update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which was now postponed on indefinite time , trying Neyrodesu with a new image of her Ciri Cosplay To ensure brightening at the community.

Outfit by Ciri with great attention to detail

Neyrodesu seems to be a big fan of the witcher from the Witcher Universe. This will not only be clear at the variety of photos , which she shared in the past on the Internet, but also on the great details , which hide on the costume. Your version of Ciri is very close to the template from the video game. Of course, the characteristic white hair as well as her scar in the face.

The community is celebrating the CIRI Cosplay

Positive feedback has already received Neyrodesu already in the RedDit Forum, which specifically revolves around Cosplays . User praise the costume and the work that the artist has put in the outfit. Also for your other pictures we have imagined you last, have been taken up with a lot of enthusiasm. The latest photo to the popular Ciri cosplay of Neyrodesu we have integrated here below.

How is the Witcher 4 continue?

Witcher 3 ???? BLOOD AND WINE ???? Witcher Ciri Visits Geralt's Home (No Romance)

Since the announcement of the next Witcher adventure, fans speculate, which the story is turning. The developers promise a new saga for the series. Geralt is therefore no longer represented as a protagonist. Many pendants now hope for Ciri, which might perhaps take over the lead role. We dealt with this question and tell you how realistic Ciri is the protagonist of the Witcher 4 really.

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Released Korean version of RPG, Young Soul

Eise Tou Interactive (H2 Interactive, Representative Huh Jun Hae) is developed by 1P2P and publishing the Arcade Crew (the Arcade Crew), the Action Rall Playing Game ‘Young Souls’ Nintendo Switch Korean Package and PS4 Download Version April 22) said it was formally released.

Zen and Tristan, who lost his childhood parents, was adopted to a mysterious scientist. Scientists accepted their twins as his father and raised their twins, but one day, one day he suddenly hid the trace. And, desperately, the twins who were looking for scientists have found the ‘Gate of the Moon’, which is a class that sends the hidden parallel to the hidden parallel world in hidden basement.

Every time I cross the reality and parallel world, the heroes have experienced all kinds of experience to determine personality and destiny. It is possible to visit the Happy Pete Gym after a sweet nap, to visit the Happy Pete Gym and raise the power, resistance, and endurance capacity, and if not only the personality such as a punishment, it is also possible to have the best sneakers of the city that can be brought to the combat capacity in Solid Sneakers. If you want to refuse to come out of clothes or you need a hat that matches the new sneakers, you can go to Tin Spirit and enjoy shopping.

If you spent a pleasant time in the city, it is now a perfect armed and entering the world of Goblin. In the world of Goblin, you must defeat the enemies and find the same scientist like the Father. And there will be waiting for a vain hope that the enemies of windows and swords can block you.

■ Game Features

  • Alone or two of the two goblins, twisted, and enjoy a dynamic and profound transverse scroll RPG arcade game.

Top 5 Korean RPGs for Consoles (No MMORPGs)

  • Unlock hundreds of weapons, armor sets, unlock and upgrade your own combat equipment, and save your world.

  • Giant Dungeon, Numerous enemies, and more than 20 terrible bosses, such as Gobblin’s world, etc.

  • Feel the charm of ‘Young Soul’, which combines the Role Playing genre of the classic fighting action, the classic fighting action, and the colorful story of a colorful story through a breathtaking artwork.

  • Fight with the Goblins is not likely to get rid of exercising at Happy Pete Gym. I will unfold a tough battle, but when I open a booty box, I will forget the wounds from the fight.

  • Various combinations can be changed to equipment, weapon’s abilities and game play of the character. Anyone can take attacks, defense or balanced strategies and explore the land of Goblin. If you fight with your enemies, you will have strong bosses and sweat in your hands, you will have a mouse.

‘Young Soul’ is an action roll player that combines colorful 2D fighting and colorful stories. Let’s leave an adventure. It is twin with a perfume, fight against the Goblin Corps, and utilize hundreds of weapons and accessories to improve the level and find the missing father. Now, a new adventure begins with a fight to connect two completely different worlds.

The Korean version of the Korean version will be formally released as a PS4 package, and more information can be found in the homepage and Facebook, and YouTube, H2 Mall, Playstation Store, and Nintendo Online Store.

Nintendo Insider mocks the launch of the controversial switch game

A source of Nintendo has mocked the launch of what appears a potentially controversial and divisive switch game. Looking at the rest of 2022, Nintendo Switch users, Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch OLED can wait Splatoon 3, xenoblade 3, Bayoneta 3, Mario + rabbid sparks of hope, Mario Strikers: Battle League, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three HEALTHS, Advance Wars 1 + 2: Camp of Reinitio, Pokémon Scarlet and Violeto Pokémon and, of course, independent and third-party games that arrive at the platform from now until December 31. There could also be some surprises on the road. In fact, that’s exactly what a member of Nintendo jokes, but it seems that surprise may not be for everyone.

The new rumor is mocked that a game of Nintendo Switch “written” will be launched in August. What is this game, we do not know, but the rumor adds that “you do not want it, believe me.” In a follow-up, the rumor clarifies that the launch of August is simply an assumption, which means that the use of “written” was not used to hide the release date of an announced game, but an unannounced game. The mockery implies one of two things: it is a game that nobody wants or is not the highest quality. Of course, you could also mark both boxes.

As for the mockery, comes the Road by Imran Khan of Fanbyte. Khan has been in the brand and outside it in the past. For example, he and many others were far away with the “Nintendo Switch Pro”, which finally revealed that it did not exist.

This Nintendo

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. Not only all here is speculative or not official, but even if it is necessary, it is also subject to change. While waiting to hear more about this mysterious game, be sure to review all our past and extensive coverage of everything related to Nintendo, click here.

Fortnite: Magisterial victory when killing his opponent with tires

Getting the Top 1 in Fortnite without shooting a shot is a major challenge, which has nothing to envy to the most brutal props in the world of video game. The Reddit user MTAYLOR0812 recently achieved a feat, getting magistral victory using tires.

To get this, the player has had to skill a very high construction, and then wait for his rival at the top and throw the tires that he had previously collected in the game. Judging by the difficulty of this fact, we can affirm that surely this has not been the first attempt at him.

Magistral tire

Implemented during Chapter 2 of Fortnite, tire batteries have several uses. Most of the time are used to customize cars in the game, so that they are off-road and upload sharp earrings. But tires can also be used to bounce!

MTAYLOR0812 I wanted to show that it was possible to win a game by bouncing its last rival and causing a fatal fall. In the video we can see that in just two tire launches, the player managed to bring down his opponent from the platform, located several tens of meters of the ground.

Tire eliminations ONLY in Fortnite!

More complicated than a grenade of shock waves!

Throwing the opponents to win through the air. It is not new either. Every day there is Top 1 in which players are eliminated from the area (which inflicts great damage at the end of the game) using shock grenades . But that’s something else with the tires, since the rebound is much smaller.

It should be noted that this beautiful action of MTAYLOR0812 was performed on a real player (we can see it build and try to build during the fall of it) and not about a bot, as it happens in too many videos.

Com2us Holdings, Latis Global, Hive Diffusion

Com2us Holdings said on the 22nd Platform Author Company Com2us Platformed Digital Content Operator Ratis Global Communications and a Partnership Convention to expand the Hive Platform Services.

Dlnvest — современная инвестиционная платформа для преумножения ваших доходов.

Depending on the Convention, the two companies will conduct joint marketing and sales activities to spread the game platform hive to domestic and overseas game developers.

Latis Global offers Localization Quality Assurance (LQA), Game QA, and Game Operation.

Hive is a game professional platform that provides most of the elements necessary for game development in a single SDK form. Google, Apple, Facebook, as well as Russia and Europe, VK, such as VK, the Negative Rights of the Negative Rights, Login and Payment Features, Marketing and Statistics for Game Services. It also supports more than 80% language response and compliance with different information protection laws.

Recently, we have advised a recent block chain technology to evolve into a 3.0-based game professional platform.

Its Te Tex, a movie. – In Ben

Busting 100 Movie Myths In Real Life!
In 2021, the game award, including the game award, and the Goty, who swept the Goty at several game awards, was confirmed by the movie.

Variety, Dead Line, and overseas film specialists reported that the Movie Media has participated in the production of Amazon and DJ2 Entertainment and Seven Bugs Productions on the 20th.

DJ2 Entertainment is a filmmaker who is a filmmaker who is in charge of the filming of ‘Super Sonic’ and ‘Super Sonic 2′, on January 31, I have. The Super Sonic Corporation, such as Pat Casey and Josh Miller, who played ‘Super Sonic’ is also a writer of the ‘Super Sonic’.

Seven Bugs Productions, who participated in the jointly, is a popular WWE Lesler and Movie actor Dwayne Johnson, who is a link called ‘The Rock’. Page ‘,’ SkyScraper ‘,’ Red Notis’. For all the works of Seven Bugs Productions, Dwayne Johnson appeared as a Dwayne Johnson, and in the sense of Dwayne Johnson, Amazon is scheduled for distribution and investment.

It is an adventure game that deals with the story of Cody and May couple who worries divorce. The two couples who wanted to be a doll to the dolls, and the couple who wanted to be a doll again, and the couple who wanted to be the original body again, It is a work that draws the process of cooperative with two of the processes.

The level design and royal theme that combines the elements of different genres, including flat formers, including puzzles, actions, fights, and shoots, was selected as a normalized medium and awards in a normalized medium and awards. Meta Crytic scores 89 points were recorded.

New Action ADV production of “Star Wars” by Development Overview, AMY Hennig, “Uncharted” announces

SkyDance New Media announced on April 20, Jointly with Lucasfilm Games, and announced that it will produce a new game of the movie “Star Wars”.

This work should be the world of the movie “Star Wars”, and it is a story-driven action adventure work by the original story.

Uncharted Director Announces New Marvel Video Game
AMY Hennig, who led Skydance New Media, who leds Skydance New Media, has been engaged in the original Naughty Dog developer as a creative director of the Anchated series and a story of a story, and the “Jack × Dax Row” series of 2004 It is also known as a gaming director of “JAK 3” and the action adventure “FORSPOKEN” scheduled to be released from Square Enix.

SkyDance New Media is a studio established in 2019, established in 2019 for the Skydance Media Group in the US video production company, and this “Star Wars” game is announced by the second production. The first work is the story-oriented action adventure that the Marvel character appears in cooperation with Marvel and entertainment is announced in October 2021.

New PS4 update: Firmware 9.51 is live, all information about patch notes and download

Especially only the PS5 has received an update, now the PS4 also pulls with and gets a new patch. Version 9.51 is the latest firmware update that you can immediately draw on the console. What you need to know about content and size of the patch is here.

Update 9.51 for PS4 brings you… Well, guess

  • Size of the patch: 491.8 MB
  • When and where can you download update? Patch 9.51 is now available. You can download either directly via the console or manually via the PlayStation Support page.

What includes update 9.51? The update comes with a manageable size and correspondingly small also fall out the well-known patch notes, usually consist only of one sentence (via Pushsquare):

This system software update improves system performance.

This is likely to come for many fans a little surprising, after all, there are sides of Sonys more often small performance updates, which, although the performance of the console spice up a little, but will hardly be noticeable for you.

If you want to know more about the new update for the PS5, we have summarized all information about the new patch for you:

__14 __3

more on the subject

New ps5 update now available – and you already know the content


PS4 Update 9.5 brought bigger innovations

So much as in the last update 9.5, you do not need to expect this time for your PS4. If you have missed the content of the update in March 2022, here again the short summary: so you can now create open or closed parties on your console or participate and also the PS app has been improved. All details about the update can be found in the dedicated article.

When exactly the next big update for the PlayStation 4 follows is not known. However, it is worthwhile to keep the console up to date, even if Update 9.51 is not mandatory.

New PS5 update now available

The reporting will make us a small mistake. Of course, the update 22.01-05.00.00 is already older, but on Sony’s side for system software updates, but still listed with the new features. We apologize for the mistake and have adjusted the news accordingly. The only new update for PS5 today is 22.01-05.02.00.

Attention, dear ps5 fans, it’s time for a new patch: at this Wednesday, April 13, 2022, you can download the latest firmware update for the Sony console. However, do not expect big changes or innovations.

Patch Notes” and size of today’s PS5 update

  • Version number: 22.01-05.02.00
  • Size: Circa 1GB
  • Where can you download the update? The update is either directly on your console or manually on the PlayStation Support page .

BIG new PS5 Controller update and PS5 Firmware update

What brings the new PS5 update? With a size of something more than a gigabyte, the update should be downloaded quickly. The patch notes drop accordingly and deliver the following sentence, which is likely to imagine most PS5 owners (via Pushsquare):

This system software update improves system performance.

It is very possible that you will not notice any changes in your PS5 through the update.

Whether the current update brings even more functions with it is not known. In the last firmware update (published in March 2022) Sony has implemented quietly and secretly Allm. This stands for “Auto Low Latency Mode” and ensures better communication between your TV and PS5. If there are hidden changes in the latest firmware update, we update this article accordingly.

Why well-known patch Notes? The regular stability updates have long since become Running GAG in the PlayStation community and already caused old PS4 times for numerous memes that make fun of the everlasting performance boost. Some of you are likely to know this all of you popular and easily modified GIF best….

When exactly the next large PS5 update is due to significant innovations and features, is not known. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan already indicated a tournament feature for the eSports area in January.

But even a few performance jokes out!

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