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The head of Blizzard promised to leave the Russian language in Diablo Immortal. But in Russia the game will not work

Three days before the premiere of the Netease and Blizzard mobile online-Arpg Diablo Immortal, the head of the American studio, Mike Ibarra on Twitter, promised to maintain Russian localization.

Diablo Immortal Android Gameplay (BETA) - New Class : Crusader

He was asked about this in the microblog by gamers themselves, worried that the decision would affect not only fans of the series from Russia, but also from other countries where the great and mighty. The presence of a finished translation of text and voice acting was confirmed by the Datamainers, however, Blizzard removed the mention of the Russian language from the official site.

The exact launch time of Diablo Immortal, a list of servers and a link to a client for a PC. But in Russia it cannot be installed

At the same time, as technical support confirmed, in the Russian Federation and the RB Role-ray action will not go out on smartphones via Google Play and App Store, nor on a PC. It remains only to use the VPN.

Diablo Immortal will be released on Android, iOS and PC ( outside of Russia on June 2. You can discuss the series in a separate section on our forum.

Utilized in 65 countries around the world -What is the appeal of READSPEAKER, a speech synthesis solution that spreads into video games.

Suddenly, it’s a problem.

The correct answer is… “ Readspeaker ” of…!

Then, the following problem.

The correct answer is “ 1, 2, 3, 4 everything “!

Even if we do not know the product name “ Readspeaker “, the “ Readspeaker “, which is heard from home appliances, the narration of the television program, the narration of the TV program, the “ voice I hear on a daily basis.

Readspeaker ” is HOYA Corporation (hereafter HOYA), which is developed from the beginningspeech synthesis technology ( TTS = text to speech ). More than 1,700 companies in Japan alone have more than 1,700 companies, and the introduced companies include “ JR East ” “ Dentsu “, “ Sharp ” “ Kyoto University ” “ Tokyo There are many leading companies, governments, and educational institutions, such as “Tokyo “.

You can immediately understand why it is widely supported by listening to the “ voice “. In addition to the overwhelming “ speech sensation ” and “ clear feeling “, if necessary, “ joy “, “ sad “, “ angry “, etc. Completion that can express delicate emotions.

The quality that does not make you aware of whether it is a person’s voice or a speech synthesis is heard from everywhere in your daily life.

Readspeaker ” supports 30 or more languages (as of March 2022) and is being developed globally. It is said that audio technology using AI is more advanced overseas, but “ Readspeaker ” can also gain a large share there.

The core of the technology is “ AI voice synthesis “.

AI speech synthesis and

In “ AI Voice Synthesis “, the introduction of the cutting-edge machine learning technology “deep learning” improves overall quality, and “emotional expression” has become quite close to the delicate and natural human vocalization. rice field.

With conventional technology, the expressive power of detailed nuances, such as “Aizuchi”, “ending”, and “phrase”, which was difficult to express, has been greatly improved.

In general, a high-spec server has been required for the use of “deep learning”, but HOYA’s high technical and development capabilities enable operations on popular terminals. Did.

Readspeaker has a variety of voices from multiple “speakers”, from young women to elderly men.

However, the most advanced technology that does not stay there is a solution that allows you to create “original” voices from the voices of “ Readspeaker ” and the voices of real people (voice actors, actors, celebrities, etc.).

Until now, the recording of the audio required several tens of hours and sometimes over 100 hours. In addition, when adding a new content, the recording was required.

Readspeaker Original voice ” allows you to synthesize the audio that makes use of the characteristics of the voice with a recorded voice of about 10 hours, “ joy “, “ angry “,” Raku ** “, you can freely have three emotions. Even if it is not a high-end machine, it is also attractive that such AI speech synthesis can be produced and utilized.

Readspeaker is the destination of AI speech synthesis as well as video games, and is used in various games. As an example, if the character calls under the name set by the player, the immersion will increase, and if it is used in combination with AI, conversation can be conducted.

There is no need to secure voice actors, narrators, and studios for recording when preparing audio, which greatly contributes to man-hours and cost reductions.

If the man-hours are reduced, it will be possible to reflect the audio that mentions the results of the day game on that day in sports games on the same day. In addition, cost reductions have the advantage that even in individuals and small-scale development systems, it makes it easier to direct and express by voice.

Readspeaker’s latest introduction case “Quizknock Stadium”

One of the most recent examples of the introduction of READSPEAKER products is the arcade game “ Quizknock Stadium ” released by Konami Amusement Co., Ltd.

This work is developed with the cooperation of the knowledge group “QuizKnock” led by Takuji Izawa, the University of Tokyo, and is a new sense of quiz game that enjoys communication in virtual space and fast-press quizzes. The operation has started from Thursday).

The questions include problems created by QuizKnock members, and it is also a great attraction that Izawa reads each problem. That’s the last problem here.

The correct answer is “2 speech synthesis using AI **”!

Konami Amusement Co., Ltd. adopted the original voice of Readspeaker in the development of “ Quizknock Stadium “. In the implementation, “ SpeechEngine SDK ” was used.

From the beginning of the development, the company has decided to “add a continuous problem by online updates” and “read out the problem by the University of Tokyo Quiz King Takuji Izawa”. TTS (speech synthesis technology), which can greatly reduce man-hours and costs, solved the challenge of how to achieve it on the busy Izawa’s limited recording schedule.

At first, it was a start from deepening knowledge about speech synthesis technology, but it is used on a daily basis in a wide range of fields and places, and the trust of the solution of Readspeaker and the reproduction of original voice ** The height of the sex has become a decisive factor in the introduction.

Immediately after the introduction, there were times when I misunderstood new words and first appearances that are common in current affairs, but they listed such words and registered as a dictionary each time.

With quiz players nationwide playing “ Quizknock Stadium “, the excellent solution of Readspeaker will be more familiar.

Quizknock Stadium official website

READSPEAKER , which is becoming more and more presence in the future

Not only in the same work, recent video games usually update software via the network and reflect the latest data. In addition, the convergence of Corona due to the new colon virus is still visible, and the record in the studio tends to be delayed today.

Based on such circumstances, TTS (speech synthesis technology) is expected to increase in demand in the game industry, and the voice synthesis solution provided by HOYA , Readspeaker . Will be its powerful candidate.

[READSPEAKER] On the game sound synthesis page, you can listen to “Unity”, “Unreal Engine”, etc., and hear sample sounds. Please take a look.

[READSPEAKER] Game sound voice synthesis page

Valorant Leviathan dominates the southern VCT table for another day

The action in the south returns with more strong emotions in VCT, where the teams seek to redeem themselves and conquer the top of the table, draws that can end up being defined, and even streaks at stake are what is experienced on this day of the best Valorant in the region, epic battles are the ones we were able to yesterday where the squads showed different strategies that we’re able to conquer challenging scenarios on the maps.

Purple is better than gray.
The first matchup would be between New Pampas against 9z starting on a Haven map where 1eon would be the one to wreak havoc against the opposition by laying down good kills early to leave things 7-5 in the first half, in exchange for Sides Suther would be the one to react in the game to turn things purple by turning the match around on the map that would end 13-11 in the hands of the 9z team.

Arriving at the second map, Split, it became different from the first because the purple team would take the initiative with a dominant Pule that would give them a vast advantage, managing to leave things with an 8-4 in the first half, reaching the second. Handling would work to blind his rivals with the guiding light, and with an impeccable AIM, he would give his team the entrance, making 9z able to take points that would close the series with a 13-9 in his favor.

The sun stops shining.
For the second match, Sunxet Club fought against Leviathan in a Breeze map that the Leviathan team has been managing in different instances. With the power of Tacolilla, things turned for the sea dragon team that managed to put a 9-3. In the second part of the map, things would put the Suns in danger because their rivals had excellently turned on the accelerator to close the first map with a 13-3.

The second map would be an Icebox chosen by Sunxet, who started in a better way in the confrontation. However, the Levianeta would manage the map better thanks to Vals with his K/yo, who made the difference to get a 7-5 in the first half. Coming to the change of sides, Leviathan’s attack would be unstoppable, getting a large number of rounds in his favor to be able to finish the match with a powerful 13-6

This is how yesterday’s games concluded, and two tremendous 2-0 was what was experienced in the duels of the day. The levianeta continues to lead at the top of the table and still does not know the defeat. We will have to see what happens today where a team will visit the failure, and it will be defined in the classic of the south who will remain as leader of the tournament at the end of the week.

WOW Patch 9.2.5: Even more PVE damage for weapons warriors, PvP

Quickly before Publication of WoW Patch 9.2.5 , the programmers of the online role-playing game still knocked out a sentence on class balancing adjustments that will go live on June 1, 2022 with the launch of the upgrade. These consist of a enthusiast for the aggro of tanks , a slight rise in the location damages for pet rulers as well as a small aficionado for the Arkan magicians among you.

WOW Patch 9.2.5 and also numerous adjustments to the warriors

Apart from the much less output for all tank expertises (which likewise affects protective warriors) that they produce even more danger in spot 9.2.5, the adhering to adjustments still take place:


  • The effectiveness of “midsts of insanity” (medium) was lowered by half in the PvP.
  • “Kampftrance” (PvP talent) now generates 3 seconds every 3 secs (previously 5) after “mad blow” was used two times straight to a goal.

Notes of the developers: In spot 9.2.5, a blunder was fixed whereby the PvP talent “Kampftrance” was not triggered by the substitute magic of “angry blow” (” butterfly”) of the talent “daring”. The modifications pointed out above purpose to manage the reliable enthusiast that gives the fury through this communication.

Notes of the programmers: These changes intend to increase the private target damage of tools without affecting the areas in which they are already outstanding.

  • The damage to “fatal shock” was enhanced by 10 percent. This change does not put on PvP.
  • The damage from “frustrating” was boosted by 10 percent. This modification does not put on PvP.
  • The damages to “Having” and also “condemning” (Venthyr) was raised by 15 percent. This also impacts protection warriors. This adjustment does not put on the PvP.

Even More Class BUFFS And NERFS Announced For The Patch 9.2.5! - WoW: Shadowlands 9.2


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Soon before Publication of WoW Patch 9.2.5 , the developers of the online role-playing game still knocked out a sentence on class balancing adjustments that will go live on June 1, 2022 with the release of the update. These consist of a enthusiast for the aggro of storage tanks , a small rise in the area damages for pet leaders and a little aficionado for the Arkan magicians amongst you. And the warriors are likewise granted a few adjustments: in the PVE, the solitary target damage of the weapons warriors is enhanced a little bit, while in the PvP there is a small bugfix for hysteria warriors, which in turn could comment in a tiny aficionado. This additionally impacts defense warriors.

Stand up to or buy? – 9 games that constantly finish you in the sale

** There are games where you swore to either never ever buy them or just on a very special day. Buy or not buy?

stays strong if you have not clicked purchasing!

That actually chases whom in a deal search? Certain, on the one hand you can dust many good games in one fell swoop with excellent discount rates. On the other hand, there are likewise games that you don’t truly require, but they still look so sexy due to the fact that they cost much less than ten euros. Consider up disagreements, stay solid, end up being weak or obtain a good offer?

Jay Larson | Wrong Number | Stand-Up Comedy

There can be no larger “First World” trouble, yet nonetheless, sales constantly make sure amusing arguments with and also versus yourself. We asked our area about your hardest sales fights as well as derived 9 patterns from it that we have in the lower photo of the image present.

Ubisoft games, nightclub Elysium or simply buy due to the fact that buying is enjoyable? Sales are seductive column nations that integrate gamers with several deals and also disappointments. And also if you have survived, the next has begun.

Roller champs test: when Ubisoft rolls a skate, but the reality

Past the rules as well as the preliminary principle, if the video game functions well it is likewise since it benefits from a good technical accomplishment and also a solid gameplay. The handling is prompt, as well as the activities of the kind “riding upside down” or “enjoying behind” are taking place naturally. As for the tutorial, it perfectly satisfies its function considering that it educates us the strategy of the piston, which permits you to gain rate by charging in the descents, informs us of the possibility of tackling the challengers to puncture their ball, as well as Reminds us that the suction phenomenon, which permits you to catch up with a “runner” situated in front of us, is handled.

Alternatively, if the very same team performs a number of laps before introducing the ball in order, it after that ratings much more factors. A goal is equal to a point after a round, three factors after two laps, and 5 points after 3 laps. Recognizing that the first team to score five points instantly wins the suit, it is appealing to keep the ball numerous laps… at the risk of being attacked after a well put take on.

Pampered creatures

Be careful not to go way too much in circles

Game Overview Trailer | Roller Champions

On the other hand, if the exact same team executes a number of laps before releasing the ball in order, it then ratings much more points. An objective is comparable to a point after a round, 3 points after 2 laps, as well as five factors after three laps. Understanding that the first group to score five points promptly wins the match, it is appealing to maintain the ball several laps… at the risk of being bitten after a well placed take on. In addition, the variable score system depending on the number of laps enables stunning turnarounds. A team brought out 4 to 1 will certainly for example be of interest to take threats and to attempt to lug out 3 laps, in order to promptly and definitively overthrow the vapor.

The genuine point on which Roller Champions can potentially let down worries a particular absence of content. Apart from the major obtainable play setting, there is not much to obtain under the teeth. Pure competitors fans will absolutely be able to participate in the classified celebrations in order to develop over seven different rankings, however that does not alter the guidelines of play. For this, we will need to rely on “shock occasions”, which need to frequently provide brand-new Variations, kind 2V2, “Hot Potato” or “Lootball Madness”. Each time when we write these lines, none of these supplementary settings is still available and also just the future will certainly inform us if the publisher manages to hold its calendar. It is undoubtedly planned five seasons for the very first year of exploitation of this service game, each of them having to bring its share of maps, modes, occasions, mini-games and cosmetic components. For the time being, for example, there are just three different stages to unlock (Acapulco, Mexico City as well as Chickén Itzá), in a direct method. To put it simply, all your games will initially occur on the exact same land. Likewise, specific aesthetic elements unlock in a given order. Everybody as a result often tends to adopt the same consider the exact same time. Lootboxes renamed lootballs permit you to obtain arbitrary elements as well as therefore placed a little selection in the groups. These surprise balloons contain cosmetics of 60 %normal level, unusual at 30 %, legendary at 7 %, and famous at 3 %. This ultimately permits you to individualize the various garments, hairstyles and poses of our character, as well as also small goal computer animations. A store with online money is additionally readily available, in the terrific custom of free-to-play. We can congratulate Ubisoft not to offer any kind of affordable benefit to those who will open their portfolio, but the publisher does disappoint extreme kindness either. Therefore the costs pass allows you to open around thirty various components, against just eleven for the freebie. You can’t have the roller skating and rollerblading…

Animal rulership hunters in WoW Patch 9.2.5 Make more area damage!

One more detail is treated right here and also this is especially fascinating for hunters and for animal rulers: ** You make a little a lot more area damage in WoW Patch 9.2.5 due to the fact that you are from the 4-set bonus of the current animal set Not rather as benefited as your Waidmann colleagues. Below is the description of the designers of World of Warcraft (purchase currently).

With WoW Patch 9.2.5, the manufacturers of the online role-playing game World of Warcraft will make a few adjustments to the balance of the courses. These information have actually not yet been mentioned in the initial spot of 9.2.5 and were just made understood a couple of days prior to the update was launched. We have actually already pointed out an information: WoW’s tank specifications should produce even more risks ** at 9.2.5, because apparently there were troubles in period 3 of Shadowlands.

animal leaders’ seekers can do more Aoe!

Notes of the programmers: “ The animal leaders’ ability of the hunters has not gotten as much area damages benefit from their established benefit, like other expertises and is therefore falling back. We boost the damages of their companions and also the transfer of damages of”” Safety strokes “to enhance their general efficiency.”.

With WoW Patch 9.2.5, the makers of the online role-playing game World of Warcraft will make a few modifications to the equilibrium of the courses. These details have actually not yet been mentioned in the initial spot of 9.2.5 and also were only made recognized a few days prior to the upgrade was launched. We have already stated a detail: WoW’s storage tank specifications ought to create more hazards ** at 9.2.5, because apparently there were problems in period 3 of Shadowlands.

Even More Class BUFFS And NERFS Announced For The Patch 9.2.5! - WoW: Shadowlands 9.2
The following line can be found in the preview of the Blizzard DEVs on the balance adjustments with WoW Patch 9.2.5:
Hunter .

  • Pet rule.
  • All damages abilities as well as the companion’s damage were enhanced by 4 percent.
  • “Killer strike” now creates your companion to hit various other locations with 100 percent of its damages (previously 90 percent).

Do you assume the adjustments are excellent? Did you have the feeling that as a hunter with animal rulership ability, you have dropped behind, or are you better to survival or precision in circumstances and slaughterhouse? Do you also have the 4-set bonus of the animal collection or do you appreciate the clothes?

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What are the best 3-star Dislyte Espers characters?

Dislyte has several powerful characters. While the vast majority are 5-star Legendary and 4-star Epic types, several 3 -Rare star Espers are robust and easy to get. Check out the guide with the best 3-star characters in Dislyte!

Dislyte’s best 3-star Esper
Appearances can be deceiving in Dislyte, as some 3* Espers are helpful and can be part of your team. Ye Suhua, for example, is a healer who doesn’t owe much to Sally and Clara, two 5-star healers.

A significant advantage of Ye Suhua is that it can be obtained for free by accumulating Hard Ripples, while Sally and Clara need a lot of luck in spinning when using Gold Disc.

Another interesting point of 3-star characters is the greater ease in leveling, ascending, and improving skills. The cost is much lower, and the items are more affordable.

A Rare Esper with maximum abilities can be more effective than a Legendary with minimum capabilities, especially if he is in the Support role.

Each is powerful for most game modes but still has certain weaknesses. For example, Jeanne sucks against Apep, and Melanie sucks against Fafnir. However, this does not take away the guarantee that these Espers will be pretty helpful in most fights.

Below, you can check out the best characters for the different game modes in Dislyte. A good part will be the 3-star Espers already mentioned above will be a good part, but some others will appear in specific situations.

Best 3 Star Espers – Story Mode

Best 3 Star Espers – Cubic Miracle

Best 3 Star Espers – Cronos

Best 3-star Esper – Apep

Best 3-star Espes – Fafnir

Best 3 Star Espers – Space Tower

Best 3 Star Espers – PvP (Attack)

Best 3-star Espers – PvP (defense)

An excellent free Esper team in Dislyte
In addition to these three stars, the Story mode gives two more useful ones: Brynn and Drew. Another good news is that you get Mona (4 stars) at the beginning. Li Ling or Tang Xuan (both five *) arrive at the first Legendary Summon.

Mixing them, we have an excellent free team that can be used in the vast majority of Dislyte’s game modes. It is even possible to reset the game’s history if this team is well leveled.

Support: Ye Suhua – obtained through Esper Ripple
Support: Brynn – starting character
Fighter/DPS: Drew – given at the beginning of the game
Fighter/DPS: Mona – presented at the beginning of the game
Fighter/DPS: Li Ling or Tang Xuan – first legendary in the game
Of course, you are free to make changes to the above team as you gain new Espers on spins. The Gold Disc, required for use in the Echo menu, is obtained by completing story stages and the various quests that Dislyte has.

How to get Dislyte Abilimon quickly and improve the skills of Espers?

In Dislyte, Abilimon is the item you can consume to enhance your Esper’s abilities. They are not easy to get, that’s why in this guide we give you all the tips so that you have all the possible ones.

This guide explains the use of skills and how to improve them in Dislyte. The task will not be difficult, but you will have to prepare yourself because many missions and activities await you.

What are skills for?
Abilimon is consumable items. By going to the Espers menu and then choosing the one you prefer, you can upgrade their skills by going to the Skill menu under the Advancement category. Each Esper can upgrade their abilities a specific number of times. Each Abilimon will randomly upgrade a skill to level up.

Each Abilimon has a rarity level and happens to be like espers:
Rare Abilimon – three star esper
Epic Abilimon – four star esper
Legendary Abilimon – Five Star Esper
Unlike stars, alimony cannot be fused to create a higher rarity Abilimon. They are a rare commodity of Dislyte.

Who should I give my Abilimon to?
Abilimon is rare, so you won’t have to give them to all your espers. It’s essential to choose the right espers! Therefore, if you feel like your Esper will be by your side for a good part of your adventure, we recommend spending your Abilimon on it.

The espers who should receive the skills are the supports, as some get good skills to lower the AP of your opponents or increase yours. Keep in mind that you should never upgrade characters you don’t use.

How to get Abilimon quickly?

Abilimon raro

Cube Shop – For 100 Cube Points
Reward (rare appearances)
Sonic miracle rewards
Point War Rewards
Recognition Plan Rewards

Epic Abilimon

Reward (rare appearances)
Cube Shop – For 300 or 600 cube points
Tournament Store – Average 200 Supply Vouchers (2 per week)
Story Advance Rewards
Recognition Plan Rewards
Infinite Miracle Rewards
Point War Rewards

Legendary Abilimon
Tournament Store – For 1,000 Supply Vouchers (1 per week)
Login Bonuses
Story Advance Rewards
Recognition Plan Rewards

There isn’t a magic formula to get Abilimon; You will have to collect a good amount of supply coupons by participating in PvP fights and complete the Cubic Miracle every other day to collect Cube Points so you can get the Abilimon.

Then you will have to complete quests to get free Abilimon. So, don’t hesitate to monitor the quests and complete them when you can.

WOW Patch 9.2.5: What will change in the upcoming update?

Shadowlands is over, are the eyes directed towards Dragon Flight? Then you have to be patient for a while, because until the release of the next WoW extension and patch 10.0 there will be a lot of time. This is also clear to the developers at Blizzard, which is why they are working on a season 4 that make past Shadowlands Raids and dungeons relevant again. But apart from that, there will also be a mountain of small changes in WoW. Since the overview is sometimes not that easy. What changes in Patch 9.2.5? We give you the compact overview!

You look forward to Dragon Flight: Interesting results of the overview survey

the overview of the wow changes in patch 9.2.5

Although the Shadowlands is complete in terms of story and in terms of new large content, there will be many small and less small adjustments in Patch 9.2.5, which you can look forward to. We give you an overview briefly and crunchy:

* Cross-faction game: Dungeons, Raids, PvP and Legacy Raids allow groups with alliance and horde players. You can find more information in our separate article.

Night and Tauren together in the dungeon: Patch 9.2.5 from WoW makes it possible. Source: overview

Fame in Shadowlands * is easier to get
* The Mittlelbahn honorary badge increases fame at level 60, before that it only brought fame 40.
The Catch-Up mechanics take up to fame 60. You will receive this via mythical and mythical plus dungeons, levels 9 to 16 from Torghast, Raid bosses in Shadowlands and battlefields.
New quest series for dark iron dwarfs and blood elfs: In this way you not only experience additional stories, but also secure special transmog weapons and mounts. On top of that, blood elves receive a special bloodwear armor set.

The new quests for dark iron gnomes and blood elf lure with unique rewards – like this mount for the dwarfs! Source: Icyveins

* new “listening” quests: On the one hand you can attend a dialogue from Khadgar with Jaina. On the other hand, there is a conversation between Bolvar with his daughter Taelia.

* Easter Egg for the windrowers: A small mini event at the wind ranger tower in Quel’thalas shows a vision from the past when the sisters could still listen to their brother’s music peacefully.

Kauftipp: The new WoW novel Sylvanas also illuminates the ratio of the wind ray siblings

T Orghast all the time: * All wings of Torghast will be available from patch 9.2.5. So you no longer have to wait for certain weeks if you have to visit selected areas of Torghast.

All wings are open to us: Torghast has no rotation in Patch 9.2.5 that determines which areas we can visit. Source: overview

Enigma-Arena for the PVP: * The arena already attached is finally into play with patch 9.2.5. However, it will not – as previously set – have changeable columns that are adapted at the push of a button.
A lot of secret nesting: ** The developers have encrypted some content and their details, but Dataminer found that it will primarily be about the abandoned and Calia Menethil. Visual adjustments from Lordaeron, Tirisfal and Brill are also becoming increasingly more likely.

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EVERYTHING Coming in Patch 9.2.5 | Shadowlands

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