Multiversus comes loaded with news, because they have shown a new trailer, confirmed new characters and set a release date for an open beta. The video, of course, is the one you have up here, and serves to present these novelties, which include among their new characters the demon of Tasmania (Taz in Looney Tunes), the iron giant (The Iron Giant) and Velma (Scooby -Doo).

De la Beta, on the other hand, have not commented on many details, beyond that all users can access without prior registration and will take place in July of this year. The updates of this free-to-play, yes, they arrive casually near the premiere of their closed alpha that will begin next Thursday, May 19 and will be available until day 27.

MultiVersus HUGE NEWS! Beta Info, NEW Trailer & MORE Characters
Like the final title, these tests will have Cross-Play among all their systems and, at least to the one in a few days, we can access through this link.

In addition to the new characters, it has other Warner franchises such as Jake and Finn as an adventure hour, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Tom, Jerry, or Shaggy of Scooby Doo, each with specific skills. The characters will be customizable and can be used in three different modes, both online and at local play: 2Vs2, 1VS1 or 4 players in a all against all. Multiversus, whose combat system reminds the proposal of Super Smash Bros., was presented in November last year after a multitude of leaks.

Multiversus will be available at some point in this year for Xbox One , Xbox Series X and S , PlayStation 4 , PlayStation 5 and PC .