Level Infinite announced today that it will launch a large -scale update on June 2, which will celebrate the first anniversary of the official service at the new concept strategic chain, which is developed and serviced by Tourdogstudio.

In this large -scale update, six -star characters will be provided free of charge by preparing a reward to reward domestic users. In addition to abundant rewards, the main scenario and two new events will be opened, and the new system ‘Heavens Garden’ will be added.

The newly added ‘Ten of Return: Tower and Bubund’ event tells the story of the tower of the return and the secrets of the Iter clan.

‘Heavens Garden’ supports a new way of playing and can decorate its own ‘Heavenly Valley’ or visit another friend’s ‘Heaven Valley’.

In addition, a new Aurorian ‘Linehard’ will be added to commemorate the first anniversary, and plans to present the first anniversary briefing video and SNS emoticon for Korean users.

For more information on the first anniversary of the ‘White Night Drama’, more details will be disclosed through the official cafe.