One of the objectives that Niantic has been marked with the current Pokémon GO GO season that has started just a few days ago is that we go out to the street to walk, which will come well to hatch the eggs that Let’s get obtaining and on which we are going to offer you all the details in this guide dedicated to those of June.

All pokémon that appear in the eggs of 2, 5, 7, 10 and 12 kilometers in June 2022

In the game there are seven different types of eggs with their respective ways of obtaining them, some are very simple and others will require that you dedicate more hours to the game. What all of them are different is in the amount of kilometers you will need to walk to get them to hatch.

To do this you must place them in an incubator , such as the one offered by the game freely, but if you need more it will have to acquire them in the store in exchange for a good handful of pokémonas. Of course, the important thing is that you look closely at what are the Pokémon that appear in each egg to be clear what you are most interested in opening.

Starting from this base, this is the way you get the different types of egg eggs:

2 kilometers eggs *: turning poképaradas.
5 kilometers eggs : turning poképaradas.
5 kilometers eggs (Synchroaventura) : walking 25 kilometers in the period of one week from Monday to Sunday.
7 kilometers eggs *: Opening the gifts that friends send you.
10 kilometers eggs : turning poképaradas.
10 kilometers eggs (Synchroaventura) : walking 50 kilometers in the period of one week from Monday to Sunday.
* 12-kilometer eggs : defeating a leader of the Team Go Rocket.

With respect to the list of the Pokémon that will leave each of them, it is as follows:

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