ASOBO and Focus Entertainment announced the release date of the adventure action A Plague Tale: Requiem, at the same time showing ten minutes of the game process of continuing mystical history.

Amicitia and Hugo, protagonists a Plague Tale: Innocence, are trying to escape from the war and the plague to the south, but the boy’s strengths awaken again, forcing his brother and sister to embark on the prophecy and go into swimming in an attempt to achieve a distant island in order to finally get rid of the curse.

In Steam, they ask for the game ₽1999. The rats of the series have not disappeared anywhere: there will be much more rodents in the sequel, and the trace of rays and DLSS from NVIDIA will help to enjoy the spectacle.


The French will shoot the series A PLAGUE TALE: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Requiem will be released on PC, Xbox Series X | S (including PC/Xbox Game Pass), PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch (through the cloud) October 18.