To dead king, king placed. Blizzard hplay Overwatch confirmed that You can no longer play Overwatch once its sequel goes on sale. play Overwatch of October 4, when it reaches stores, the original game will be removed and The only available option will be 2 Overwatch. At leplay Overwatcht this wplay Overwatch explained by Aaron Keller, director of this second part, in a Reddit questions and answers, where he hplay Overwatch also spoken play Overwatch follows on the launch:

We are using the term Early Access only to indicate that this is only the beginning. Even so, Overwatch 2 will come with new heroes, maps and unpublished options. There will be new content every nine weeks and we have even detailed Recently seplay Overwatchons 1 and 2 of the game. There are also important parts of the experience that have always been part of our plans, such play Overwatch the campaign or cooperative mode, which will arrive throughout the next year. When Overwatch 2 is launched on the 4th of October will make substitute for the current service .


The decision will arouse quite controversial because Jeff Kaplan, director of the original, promised in his day that both games would live without problems. He also awakens a good number of questions about what the process will be like. Does it mean goodbye forever to A Items 6 against 6 of the original to bet only on the new 5 vs 5 model of Overwatch 2? What will happen to the physical copies of the first?

It seems that Blizzard does not want to divide the community and a strong bet on the Free To Play model of Overwatch 2, in which it will banish the original DL boxes for seplay Overwatchonal pplay Overwatchses. Overwatch is a game with its own and constantly evolving, said those responsible. This change of strategy seems the best for our players and the game. We will see how the community reaction and how is the transition from here to that October 4 in which Overwatch 2 leaves in Early Access for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC.