At the time of the original Rich King’s Wrath of the Lich King, while the World of Warcraft King Rich King Classic became a full-fledged journey toward the launch with the beginning of the beta test. The first episode of the video series dealing with the production story, Building Azeroth: Northrend) was released.

World of Warcraft Team Art Director, Ely Cannon, Art Director, Senior Level Designer Sarah Boulian Veral, Lead Level Designer, and Overwatch’s game Director Aaron Keller, Overwatch Game Dior A total of three veteran Blizzard developers remember the days of developing the rage of the rich king.

Through this video, you can see the design of North Rend, a variety of components, and technical challenges at the time, which is an important place to complete the worldview of World of Warcraft and an outstanding character such as Arthur Menesil. It will be a great opportunity to look at the memories and inspirations of the development team accumulated in the process of making various areas.

The video can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of World of Warcraft, and additional series will be released in the second half.