In more than one sense, this July 7 must be a turning point for Immortal Diablo, since players will soon be able to discover the content of the new update, as well as of the second battle pass .

But don’t expect anything extraordinary. The game is in maintenance, The blog and patch notes should reach the end of the afternoon . This first July patch should mainly present several adjustments, as well as a new event.


A second patch in July for Diablo Immortal

As an Immortal Diablo has no forums, once again the fishradar publications must be consulted in Reddit to obtain information. To record, he acts as a community administrator for the entire devil license. The second patch scheduled for later this same July is considered the first important content patch. In his words, the development team needs more time to prepare it, but must include the changes made in the classes, as well as other objects.

One thing is true, and the modifications that will be made in the game to calm the players and, potentially, bring some of those who already left, are extensive. Here is a small list of changes that are expected urgently. We do not know if any of these elements will be solved with the patch of July 7 or if we will have to wait for the scheduled for the end of this month:

  • The tails of the battlefields, the AFKs in the battlefields and the overwhelming advantage granted to the defenders were corrected.
  • The requirement of players for Dungeons and Lairs in Hell 1 and Superior was eliminated.
  • Immortors activities reviewed, with the addition of a Vault defense tail, among other things.
  • Much more generous daily rewards, in all aspects of the game.

An imminent launch in Asia

Remember that Immortal Diablo will also be in Asia on July 7. Many players wonder about the changes made in this new version of the game. The title is not yet dead, much less, but the next few days will surely have a great influence on their future.