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Did you think before you speak?

Shotgun King is a game that becomes a black king of chess, killing all the white objects that rebelled to him and regaining the thr1. The problem is that all black objects turned into a white camp.

It is a situation that reminds me of the X. The best friend ‘Double Barrel Shotgun’ is next to the devil’s tear runny nose. ‘The king’ is not anyone.

Thanks to this, the black king can shoot a shotgun on a white object every turn. As it is a double barrel shotgun, you can load two shots, starting the game with about six shots. The reload is automatically proceeded every time you move, and if you want, you can stand in place and load the shotgun and turn the turn.

If you consume all the bullets, you will be given a single shot every turn. As there are a lot of wasted turns, it is necessary to pay attention to Zantan management.

And because it is a bad situation, white objects do not move every turn. Each object has a time to move, and when you move on the next turn, it blinks and signals the player. If you shoot a shotgun against the white object, and shoot the white king, the stage ends. Even if another object remains, the other white object is automatically killed if the king shoots and kills.

A bonus is also given to moving. It is a black ‘king’, so you can move only one space every turn, but if you are killing Bishop, Night, and Queen, you can store and use the method of moving the material in ‘Soul Stone’. It is quite useful in the situation of ‘checkmate’.

There is also a system that can be called ‘life’. Even if the black king dies, the game will take up to two times. The martial arts are charged every time the turn progresses.

As it is a game with a logite, there is a system that can randomly strengthen black king. At the end of the stage, you can choose one of the ability to help the player. A little problem is that the white camp is strong as the black king becomes stronger. Selecting the ability to upgrade the black king will also choose one of the ability to upgrade the white camp.

Shotgun King is a game that looks pretty easy to listen to. There’s a shotgun that gives you a chance to get up to twice, and you can shoot a lot of words.

The reality is not green. After shooting the phone in front of you, the Queen, which was located later, moved and killed black horses immediately. If you die in this way, the ‘martial arts’ system does not work. A shotgun shot without thinking is a snow bowling situation that makes a ‘external number’ quite often. Once you choose it, you can collapse at once.

In particular, Shotgun King is a logite game, so if you go through the process of re-challenge, it will shorten your time. If you continue to die before the last stage, it is a human psychology that you want to quickly pass the game as soon as you want to clear the game quickly.

But as everyone knows, if you leave it in a hurry, you will always find unpredictable results. The upgrades selected without thought can be gathered to come to a big snow bowling. As soon as you start, Queen and Bishop are surrounding the black king, or you can’t afford it. Even though I shouted, No, how to break this! It’s the result of your own choice.

You don’t have to blame too much. In fact, the actual professional chess players can make a ridiculous mistake. It’s a pure chess video that has nothing to do with the game, but if you do , there will be a lot of similar situations. So, let’s always think of this in your head.

Did you think before shooting?

▶ Recommended points


One. A good game to wait while waiting for queue

2. It’s a playtime, a great repetition play induction

3. Good price, Korean language

▶ Nine point

One. I definitely thought, but the world is millions of

2. Quantity

▶ Information

Genre: Turn-based Strategy, Action Rogue

Development: PUNKCAKE Delicieux

Price: 7,500 won

Korean language support: O

Platform: PC

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I definitely thought…?