Dragonfly announced on the 26th that it has updated the user’s opinion in the PC online FPS game special force.

Earlier, Dragonfly held an influencer meeting last month and discussed the need to listen to and complement users.

System improvements to some of the contents of the day are reflected in this update. System inspection and updates were held from 10 am to 2:30 pm on the 25th.

The main improvement is to delete the old mission system, the ‘award screening’ content, and to provide the benefits of the contents. This benefit continues to be provided until the alternative content for the mission system is applied.

Special Force also raised the salary of users who were too low compared to soaring inflation. As a result, the SP is doubled to provide 20,000 SPs by doubling the salary gauge charging.

At the same time, the new item Combat Diver series has also been released. It is a manufacturing weapon of the special forces concept that overcomes fear and obtains a task to complete the mission. It is possible to add new emblems and titles by holding all three permanent firearms in this series. In September, the MAPLE M4A1 can be obtained through the attendance check event.

In addition, the sound of the FN FAL firearms, a gun item in special force 1, reduced the sound of the triggered sound of the firearms by about 15%, increasing the game immersion. The largest number of blacklist functions of the blacklist function has also been expanded to enroll from 50 to 80 people.

An official of Dragonfly said, Some improvement work has begun, and we are continuing to be working on additional work..