The Rings of Power develops thousands of years before the Lord of the Rings and, as a result, they present us to a lot of new characters that help to develop history even more. This is what you need to know about the high king in the rings of power .

Gil-galad as a great king in the rings of power

Set during the second age of the Middle-earth, The great king who see the rings of power is none other than Gil-Galad . He is the last great king of the Noldor and sometimes he is also known as the great king of the West elves.

During this time, he established a kingdom for the elves in Lindon, and his reach even expanded to the cloudy mountains and Greenwood The Great. In the program, we see it mainly residing in Rivendell, where he works in close collaboration with Elrond and also briefly interacts with Galadriel.


While these events have not yet been represented in The Rings of Power, we know that he will play an important role in leading the load against Sauron in the future. In general, he considers him a competent leader of the elves and even worked closely with Elendil and the race of men when he faced Sauron’s threat once again.

Both Gil-Galad and Elendil were fundamental to Sauron’s defeat, which finally allowed Isildur to cut his hand and get the ring to destroy. Although we all know that he turned out.

That is all you need to know about who is the great king in the rings of power . Be sure to look for great to get more news and information about the program, including the possible identity of the stranger, as well as a breakdown of who Morgoth is.

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