During the presentation of State of Play today, Sony announced a new loyalty program called PlayStation Stars, which allows players to join and start winning several rewards. Here is How to join PlayStation Stars free.

How to register for PlayStation Stars

At the time of writing this article, inscriptions for PlayStation Stars are not yet open. Sony has simply declared that the registration will open later this year, but they have not yet given a specific launch date or window.

Meanwhile, however, the official PlayStation Stars page is now available, and will definitely want to mark this site so that it can be registered immediately once the registration is opened. We will update this article as soon as there is more information available.

Registration is also completely free, which means that anyone can register in the loyalty program.

PlayStation Star Rewards

Once you register in PlayStation Stars, it will be eligible for the following benefits:

Win fidelity points *
Wins digital collectibles
Get points with purchases if you are a member of PS Plus

Presumably, these fidelity points can be redeemed for other services, including discounts on digital purchases or use them to get more digital collectibles. The idea is that by increasing all these points, you can accumulate more of these collectibles, it will be encouraged to make more purchases in the PlayStation store and all these factors will make consumers more loyal to the PlayStation brand.

That is all you need to know about How to register on PlayStation Stars . Be sure to look for to get more news and information about the last State of Play, as well as the company’s recent decision to increase PS5 prices.

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