One more week, Rockstar Games presents the weekly novelties of GTA online , the popular multiplayer mode of GTA V , this time, with two new cars great protagonists. These are the very ft Dina Banjo SJ and Postlude , two cars specially created for the street races of the Saints that are already available in Southern San Andre Super cars. Let’s move on to the new game modes available these days.

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You will obtain twice the rewards in the work client works , in addition to 40% discount on the purche of any workshop. And if you make yourself known in the Carr er del Car Meet de Los Santos you will get the triple of reputation of the usual. On the other hand, the countermelodies , the matches to death and expropriation grant twice the GTA $ and RP. And do not stop going through Ammunition to get the new military carbine .

Let’s move on to vehicles; This week, the Simeon Concessionaire offers the following test and purche cars:

  • The Annie euros (40%reduced) painted in blue port and equipped with the strips arrow stripes
  • The new impotent Phoenix Silver of Clsic Col ado Iron
  • A gauntlet clsic brave in metallic olive green and with white 445 cover
  • The decision is customized with pearly orange paint and the cover is really safe?
  • A Karin Region in Matte black with the Stance Andre Alt cover.

In addition, the Luxury Cars Concessionaire offers the following offers: an minus jubilee in metallic ice with the graffiti cover and the imported Grotto RSX (30% discount) with a layer of clsical silver paint and aerodynamic cover. And if you want to try luck in the roulette of the fortune of The Diamond Cino & Resort you can win a powerful Coil Cyclone .

On the other hand, the members of the Car Meet of LS that open the way between the runners, the police and the traffic that comes from the front and manage to be among the top three in persecution series three days in a row will obtain a vapid flh GT Meanwhile, on the CMLS test track all the pilots willing will be able to try the VAPID GB200, the Obey Tailgater S and the Karin Auto GTX.

The exclusive contents of GTA online players in PS5 and Xbox Series X | s are the Premium test vehicle SISTER TON PERSONALIZED and the HSW countertenor .

Discounts of the week

Visit the Ammunition stores distributed throughout the city to buy the military carbine, the favorite weapon of the Saints Police, and take advantage of the ammunition, the expanded loaders and the free silencers for this weapon. This week you can also improve your agency’s facilities with an armory for a 50% less .

  • Karin 190z: 50% discount
  • Karin Sultan RS Clsic: 40% discount
  • Dina RT3000: 40% discount
  • Vapid GB200: 40% discount
  • Custom morning Albany: 40% discount
  • Karin Auto GTX: 40% discount
  • Vapid Clique: 40% discount
  • Annie euros: 40% discount
  • Obey Tailgater S: 30% discount
  • Grotto Italy RSX: 30% discount

Finally, the online GTA players who link their accounts of the Social Club of Rockstar Games and Prime Gaming will receive 125,000 GTA $ just for playing at any time this week.