Park Gungy, the second vice minister of the Ministry of Science and ICT, encouraged the participation of companies to cooperate together to understand President Soon Seok-yeol’s idea of New York.

Park held a meeting on the 26th at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jungle, Seoul, with the public institutions and industrial related associations in the digital sector and related associations to inspect and discuss follow-up plans.

Earlier, President Soon revealed the vision of digital innovation in Korea at the Digital Vision Forum hosted by New York University on the 21st. On this day, President Soon emphasized the universal value of humanity based on freedom, solidarity, and human rights and the digital order that the citizens of the world should pursue together. President Soon visited the foundation for the Canadian discussion the next day and held an artificial intelligence (AI) scholarship.


The Digital Vision Forum was conducted by the vice president of North American subsidiary Mark Clipper, who was an ambassador to Korea. In the forum, Korea’s change in digital technology was mainly dealt with, and the support speech was sent by Andrew Hamilton, New York University and Vice President Ripper.

At the Toronto University meeting, the next day, Professor Jeffrey Hinton said, The AI revolution will surely happen once more. President Soon and Professor Hinton agreed that AI could be developed through the government’s appropriate investment and the elimination of unnecessary administrative procedures.

The New York Initiatives contained the will of Korea to play the role of a digital innovation model. The government plans to announce a strategy for the government-level digital leap forward this month, which will lead the national digital policy, focusing on the keynote and philosophy of New York. The digital leap strategy will include digital innovation strategies such as AI, software and data utilization.

At the meeting, Park said, It is meaningful in that our country has declared its willingness to lead digital innovation as the No. 1 digital field. I am doing it.

Park said, We have introduced the universal value of humanity that the world should go forward, such as freedom and human rights through the New York initiative, and the world’s first, he said. Do it.

The important thing is to share digital innovation achievements with the world citizens and contribute to the international community based on New York’s idea. We are establishing, and we plan to pursue it strongly.

Park said, Now, all the subjects of the public-private personality must join forces to strongly promote the overall digital innovation. I said with strength.

As we have to gather national capabilities, we hope that each institution will make a effort to implement the New York Initiatives and the Pan-Government Digital Strategy follow-up. Please ask for participation and suggestions.