The Omega Strikers list has many characters to choose from, and each of them has different abilities and styles of the game. For those who like to play with new characters, is the second character added to the list after Asher. This can make you ask how to play and the best assemblies for her at Omega Strikers.

The best training for in Omega Strikers are the best abilities’

Trainings passive bonuses You can equip your character. Three of them are allowed, and they can change the abilities of your character and play style. Properly selected simulators are necessary for maximum efficiency. What training do you have to use depends on whether you are going to play in the attack or as a goalkeeper. Here are our recommendations for the best training for AI.MI in Omega Strikers.

Best AII. Mi Forward in Omega Strikers

Ai. Mi kit is very universal, but we recommend the following training for it. The crossover is great for increasing its speed, and in combination with Cyber Swipe gives her excellent mobility . Creator of Durable Things increases Firewall Sentry, allowing you to disturb in another team and, possibly, push the kernel to the target. Finally, Rapid Fires accelerates the redemption of Glitch. Pop, one of your best attacking tools.

crossover *
* Blows increase the speed by 35% by 1.5 s.
Creator of durable things
* Creations receive 100% duration and shocks 5% stronger (2.5% to the core).
Fast fire
* The restoration time of the main ability is reduced by 12%. Increases to 25% at the maximum level.


The best assembly of the goalkeeper in Omega Strikers

Ai. Mi can play a goalkeeper, but its set may require you to more skill. The extraction button is convenient in that it allows you to use Cyber Swipe for clean in basic and immediately return to the goal. Your Sentry firewall is excellent protective tool as this can temporarily close part of the target and help your attackers get to another goal. Finally, Missile Propulsion increases the range of Glitch. Pop and Firewall Sentry, helping you not to go astray.

  • Rocket engine
    • Shells are obtained 35% more than the way or range of use and beat 5% stronger (2.5% in the nucleus).
      * Creator of durable things
    • Creations receive 100% duration and shocks 5% stronger (2.5% to the core).
      * Extraction button
    • After using the ability to move, you have a short window to re-apply it, forcing you to return to the position of application. The ability to move is 5% more than recovery time.

How to play for AI.MI in Omega Strikers-advice, tricks and strategies

We prefer to play in as Support for midfield or as a forward, but it is definitely viable as a goalkeeper. The game in midfield allows her to support both the goalkeeper and the attacker, and thanks to her mobility, she easily does power plays in attack or in defense.

As a striker, perfectly controls the arena. To her glue. Pop can cause great damage and easily knock out opponents who came too close to the edge. Cyber Sure is great for quick movement in the arena and can help you score an unexpected goal. Finally, hourly firewall this is a powerful tool that can either push the core, make the goalkeeper leave the road, or just knock out the opponent.

A. Mi is a little more difficult to play as a goalkeeper, but she, of course, can do it. clutch. Pop can be used to hit before he reaches the goal, or just break the opponent. Cyber Sure especially in combination with the extraction button, allows you to move forward with great comfort, because you can return to your goal at any time. Watch Bandmaster plays an opposite role than as an attacker, being able to protect the area of your target, cleanse the core or disturb the attacker who stands in his way.

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