God of War Ragnarök This week arrives at stores around the world and does so one of the best games of the year, with a 94 in Metacritic and a 95 in our analysis in Meditation. The destiny of Rates, Women and Nordic mythology is at stake and the expectations of the users of PS4 and PS5, by the clouds. One of the most common questions is to know the duration of the game to k your forects, so we tell you what you should know without falling into destroying of any kind.

How long does God of War Ragnarök lt?

The response to the duration of War Ragnarök is short and simple: if you dedicate yourself to the main story and only to it, You can finish the plot of Rates and ales in about 20 hours , provided you do not deviate too much of the marked road and do not start making secondary missions or other extr. At this time you will have completed the plot regarding Ragnarök and destiny of the Nordic gods.

How long will it take to complete God of War Ragnarök at 100%?

This question already h more crumb, since Complete God of War Ragnarök at 100% or getting platinum will depend on how much distracting you and manages to solve enigm and missions that are no longer so obvious. We have calculated that in order to complete it to the normal thing, you are going, if you are not using a guide, above 50 hours , although it is something estimated and will depend on what you take to find certain collectibles.

Secondary missions and endorse in God of War Ragnarök


God of War Ragnarök is a very rich game in content, because each of the nine kingdoms h its peculiarities and missions. The secondary , called favors , are very interesting at the level of history and surprises, so we strongly recommend that you do them because many of them are even superior to the main plot.

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In addition, once the game is over, a post Game opens in which we will have new challenges and new secondary missions that are not available until the story hpleted (and that are worth a lot of penalty). In this sense, it is important to emphize that in the first game, there will be locations and actions that we will not be able to solve until we have the object or concrete spell, which will force ourselves to return to pt places to open new paths.

You can know more about Ragnarök in our analysis in Meditation or in the debate we made in the first 30 minutes of the tavern lt week.