According to a copy not recently written from a lawsuit made by the creator of Fortnite, Epic Games, which was presented for the first time against Google in 2020, the company paid Activision Blizzard around $360 million for three years, Reuters reported. Google also agreed to pay Riot Games de League of Legends, owned by Tencent, around $30 million for a year.

The demand, which accuses Google of Anticompetitive Restrictions in mobile devices markets, also names Nintendo and Ubisoft in a list of 24 supposedly compensated companies in an attempt to dissuade the competition of its play store.

However, all this can be declared somewhat fraudulent, since the Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs of Activision Blizzard, Lulu Cheng Reserve, says that the statements made in the demand of EPIC are false.

Here what he says:

Epic accuses Activision Blizzard partner, Google, to pay us not to compete with them.

To be clear: that’s false.

Google never asked us, pressed us or made us accept that we did not compete with them, and we have already submitted documents and testimonies that deny this nonsense.

Epic has affirmed that Google was threatened by its decision to distribute Fortnite for Android out of Play Store, a movement that eluded the rates of the platform holders with a new direct payment option and turned out that Google eliminated the game of its platform.


For now, disputes between Epic with Google and Apple have not had a 100%resolution.