The now fifth growth for Dead Cells is practically the name of INAMI’s previous series.
Go back to Castlemaine ought to be based upon the original video games without, obviously, overlooking the strengths of one’s own game.
The developers explain it as a love letter to the grandpa of Dead Cells.


What was once the inspiration for your own video game will soon end up being a DLC: During the Game Awards 2022, developer Movement Twin Go back to Castlemaine for Dead Cells.

Dead Cells: The material of Go back to Castlemaine

In addition, you will handle three new employers in the DLC, which also come from INAMI’s Castlemaine games.
Thankfully, you are not entirely on your own, since Judge Belmont and Placard will assist you a little here and there.

Finally, the DLC also includes the alternative of hearing over 60 different tunes from the Castlemaine series.
There are likewise some classics amongst them.

With Return to Castlemaine, 2 new biomes in Dead Cells await you: First you check out the Dracula Castle outdoor districts before you venture into the dark interiors.

There you not only fulfill timeless opponents from the Castlemaine series, however you can also anticipate new weapons, consisting of a litter ax and the spiritual water.

rate and release of the DLC

You have to be patient if you are scratchy in your fingers in view of the Castlemaine style.
Dead Cells: Return to Castlemaine is expected to appear in the first quarter of 2023 for PC and consoles.

In regard to rate, however, the brand-new DLC ends up being a little more pricey than the previous download extensions.
Instead of the normal 4.99 euros, Go back to Castlemaine will cost 9.99 euros.
According to the developers, the reason for this is that it is the biggest expansion so far and that the Castlemaine brand name consists of.