Square Enix has released a new update to the game that makes it easier for players to keep their house even if they do not visit them. You can now set the inactivity timer to maintain your home.

You threaten to lose it if you don’t visit your home in Final Fantasy XIV for too long.
The developers Square Enix will soon switch on the procedure that unused land will be planned.
Spot 6.3 will return to the future what Square Enix had actually set with the End walker extension: If a house does not get a see too long, it will be torn down immediately.

This process was active till December 2021.
After a comprehensive consideration, Square Enix will soon reject the demolition of unused land.
This is to create more space for other players who wish to buy a property.

after one month comes an email, then you need to act rapidly

If you are not there for 30 days, your home is at danger.
You will then receive an alert by email and in the game under Timers you will be displayed in red writing that your house will quickly be taken down if you do not visit it.
Whatever is all right when you go back.
In the case of homes of free societies, it suffices if a member visits the property, it does not have to be the leader.
When do the days count?
The timer of 30 days begins as quickly as Patch 6.3 comes to the MMORPG.
When the timer was removed, at least for players who went to their house over the previous year.
If you or your complimentary society have actually not checked out the property in the time, the timer continues where he stopped on December 5, 2021.
So there might be extremely little time to save your house.
When does the spot come?
Update 6.3 is set up to come in Last Dream XIV in early January.
The developers have not yet announced an exact date.


What do you consider the process?
Are you glad that more residential or commercial properties will be offered for acquisition in the future?
Or are you now afraid of losing your house if-for whatever reason-you don’t visit for one month?
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