The Raidgruppe Neverland did it!
It took over a week and more than 1,000 attempts for the Final Fantasy 14 gamers to dominate all six phases of the ultimate resist Omega (Deadly).
An overall of 83 hours of playing time has used up, which has to do with twelve hours a day.
Neverland is not an unidentified group when it comes to such success.
Last year, the group’s people were able to win the race for the dragon war (fatal).
The raid group can unquestionably be happy of the achievement of booking this victory twice in a row.

Omega Protocol-a race loaded with controversy

The Omega Protocol (Omega Fatal) entered into play on January 24, 2023.
These supreme battles are among the most difficult difficulties that Last Fantasy 14 (buy now EUR 21.99) needs to provide.
As with all struggles of this kind, a dogged race has established for the World First Eliminate, which was likewise transferred live on Twitch.
Regardless of the great and fair performance of many groups, the race at the Omega Procedure was not a good star.
Among other things, there was a bug that prevented some job classes in some places of the Enthusiasts battle.
The factor for this is the Enthusiast limit in Final Dream 14, which the gamers normally never see.
In this battle, nevertheless, some raid groups have actually managed to tire this, which prevented other important enthusiasts.


The procedure of a raid group that claimed the victory formerly weighed far more heavily.
As the fans quickly found out, the group had used numerous aid programs that enable another zooming out or also showed the opponents’ hit boxes.
Now this group was revoked.
In the producer, meantime and director Naomi Yeshiva has actually likewise talked about the events in an in-depth position name.

In it, he rejected the accusation that he would have permitted the usage of such software application and reveals a substantial assessment of the occurrence.
Just like previous offenses of this kind, gamers need to expect account penalties.
Which these remain in information is not revealed by Square Enix.
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Stefan Drunk