Networks Games is pleased to reveal that the popular beat ‘Em Up Fifth Rage appears today, on March 1st, in a glorious 120 FPS version on PS5 and Xbox Series X | s.
Fifth Rage-19.99 euros
Fifth Rage is a 2D-beatem-up video game traditionally with neighborhood co-op support for one to three gamers developed by the one-person studio SebagamesDEV in cooperation with the author Gonzalo Varela.
Motivated by the beatem-ups and fighting games of the golden era and also with an art style that imitates the aesthetics of the video games of the 90s, this game is a homage to classics such as Streets of Rage, Cadillacs and Dinosaur or Final Battle, and also numerous
Trick Functions:
Regional co-op mode: as much as 3 gamers with optional Pleasant Fire.
3 main characters with unique moves and characteristics.
Alternate courses, cutscenes as well as finishes that can alter depending on the picked personalities and their own decisions!
Free DLC
New mode with 120 fps!
Play with fluid framework prices on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s.
Lots of tasks: Make yourself excellent to make coins and also additional content such as personality attire, added trouble setups, music gallery, robot-allied, brand-new video game settings, brand-new personalities that can be utilized in these modes as well as to unlock far more!
Lots of video game modes: race against time, ideal result, survival, training, versus and also extra!
Classification system (parry) explosive combination system with only 3 buttons: characters are able to accomplish different proficient and acrobatic combos that can explode their enemies right into pieces!
Fully reaction-fast control and intuitive commands.


Personalities can convert regular assaults into unique strikes, totally free themselves from the enemy’s hold and also perform numerous chained activities.