This Tuesday (14), the expert Gabe Follower introduced a series of information about the likely arrival of Engine Resource 2 at Counter-Strike.
On Twitter, Leaker asserts to have actually currently obtained apparently true executable documents from the game on the and-new Shutoff FPS graphics engine.
It deserves to keep in mind that Resource 2 was released in 2015 and also was made use of for the graphic upgrade of Data 2, MOB released in 2013 and that till after that used Engine Resource 1.
Some rumors, currently, mention that CS: GO will certainly go through a similar graphic upgrade of what took place in Data 2, yet there is likewise speculation that a new counter-strike game will be launched.
Valve, subsequently, does not officially comment on the topic, which boosts the speculation that the Change of Graphic Engine in Counter-Strike will certainly without a doubt take place quickly.
Something weird took place again. It seems that the CS executables: Go Source 2 are circulating. Somebody has actually just sent me as well as is genuine, Gabe Fan stated on Twitter.


Gabe Follower has been one of the most consistent resources about the arrival of Resource 2 at Counter-Strike.

Leaker located, for example, that Nvidia’s motorists began to sustain hitherto unidentified executables with the names CS2.exe and also csgos2.exe.
Steam db site maker, which puts together a series of Steam DB video game info, likewise confirmed the authenticity of executable files.