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Month: September 2023

Runescape 3 Daily Cash Run Guide: Makeup to 3 Million in Under 9 Minutes

Are you looking to boost your Runescape 3 cash flow with minimal time investment? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll show you a daily cash run that typically yields around 3 million Runescape GP in under 9 minutes, depending on Grand Exchange (GE) prices. You can even shorten the run to around five minutes by skipping some locations, but we’ll cover the full run today. We’ve even included a timer to demonstrate how quick and efficient this method can be.

Wicked Hood for free runes and teleportation.
Thriftiness unlocked for reduced rune costs.
Soften Home Teleport spell (optional for quicker teleportation).
3 to 4 million GP to start.
Unlocked doors for easier access to the GE.

Step 1: Stock Up on Runes
Begin with 4 million GP.
Teleport to the Edgeville lodestone and head north, then northeast until you spot the red wizard.
Right-click on the wizard and purchase all the runes available. Skip Earth runes and any other less profitable ones.

Step 2: Visit the Magic Shop
Use a teleport reversal and go east to the Magic Shop.
Trade with the Apprentice and buy all the runes. Skip Chaos and Death runes if they’re not profitable.

Step 3: Pet Shop Pit Stop
Head south to the Pet Shop and buy flies (even if you’re not sure what they’re used for).
Visit the home trading guy and purchase bomb vials and vials of water. Optionally, buy berries depending on your inventory space.

Step 4: Magic Guild
Teleport to Yanille and proceed east to the Magic Guild.
Go upstairs and extract runes from the Wicked Hood. Soul runes are typically the most profitable.
Trade with the magic store owner and purchase all the runes, excluding Chaos, Death, and Law runes.

Step 5: Magic Shops in Port Sarim
Use a lodestone to Port Sarim and buy feathers. Note that feathers might not be as profitable as they once were.

Step 6: Continue to the Magic Shop
Head north to the Magic Shop in Port Sarim and buy all the runes.

Step 7: Uncharted Island
Use a lodestone or talk to the Squire to reach the uncharted island.
Visit the Magic Shop and purchase all the runes available.

Step 8: Safenhein
Teleport to Safenhein and trade with the vendor to buy feathers.

Step 9: Pofannis
Head north to Pofannis and visit the herb shop.
Buy bomb vials and vials of water, and consider buying berries if they sell well.

Step 10: Crafting Guild for Viswax
Use the Wicked Hood teleport to the RuneCrafting Guild.
Interact with the Rune Goldberg machine and add the cheapest runes for Viswax. Experiment to find the most profitable combination.

Step 11: Profit Time at the Grand Exchange
Return to the GE and sell your items.
Prices may vary, but you can expect to earn a significant profit from water runes, nature runes, Soul runes, and more.

Total Earnings
Based on the items sold in this guide, you can earn approximately 3 million GP from this under-10-minute run. Remember that market prices fluctuate, so your earnings may vary slightly.

Repeat this cash run daily, as shops restock in about a day (except for water vials, which take longer). With this efficient method, you can quickly boost your Runescape 3 wealth and enjoy the game even more!

Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.4 Update: XP Boost and Season 2 Preview

The eagerly awaited Diablo 4 patch 1.1.4 is finally here, and it brings some exciting changes to the game. In this guide, we’ll dive into the patch notes, highlighting the most significant updates, including a substantial XP boost from the Urn of Aggression. Additionally, we’ll discuss the upcoming Season 2 and what it means for the future of Diablo 4.

Urn of Aggression XP Boost:
One of the most noteworthy changes in patch 1.1.4 is the significant increase in XP bonuses from the Urn of Aggression’s season lesson. The total experience bonus has been raised from 8% to 20%, making it much easier for players to reach level 100. This change aims to make Season of Aggression blessings more impactful and aid players in their quest to hit the level cap.

Developer Insight:
The developer’s note emphasizes their intent to help players achieve level 100 more quickly. This change was made in response to player feedback, particularly regarding the recent event, Mother’s Blessing, which offered extra XP and gold. This XP boost should alleviate the grind and encourage players to strive for higher levels and tougher challenges like Uber Lilith.

Season 2 Teaser:
Looking ahead, Adam Fletcher’s tweet hints at exciting developments for Season 2. While Season 1 may have left some players disappointed, Season 2 is expected to bring new content and improvements. The development team is committed to delivering a more engaging experience.

Expansions and Long-Term Commitment:
Diablo 4 is not just a short-term endeavor; it’s designed for long-term engagement. Rod Ferguson clarified that Diablo 4 is a full-price game built for PC, PS, and Xbox audiences, with plans for years of post-launch content. This content will revolve around optional Cosmic items and full story-driven expansions, promising players a continuous stream of new experiences.

Season 2 Interview Highlights:’s interview with developers Rod Ferguson and Chris Wilson sheds light on the future of Diablo 4. They mention a new questline, legendary weapons, unique items, and new enemies for Season 2. The central theme of blood and vampires adds intrigue and narrative depth to the game.

While Diablo 4 had a rocky start, patch 1.1.4 and the promise of Season 2 bring hope for the game’s future. The development team’s commitment to long-term support and the introduction of engaging content indicate that there’s much more to look forward to in the world of Diablo 4.

Dark and Darker Guide: Best Kept Secret For The Mystical Gem

In the realm of Dark and Darker, a mystical gem is a coveted item that holds the key to unimaginable riches and treasures. Gamers and adventurers alike are constantly on the hunt for this elusive gem, which can open the stone door to the fabled treasure horde pile within the high-roller Goblin caves. In this guide, we will unravel the mysteries of the mystical gem, exploring what it does, its market value, and how you can obtain one for yourself.

What Does the Mystical Gem Do?

The mystical gem is not just any ordinary trinket; it possesses a unique and powerful ability. When used, it unlocks the stone door guarding the treasure horde pile in the high-roller Goblin caves. This mystical chamber holds a promise of wealth and glory, as it drops four items each time you search it. What makes it even more enticing is that you can search the treasure horde pile up to 10 times, each attempt offering the chance to obtain legendary and epic items.

The Worth of the Mystical Gem

Determining the value of a mystical gem can be a tricky business, as it fluctuates based on the current state of the game’s economy. On the market, many sellers ask for a golden key as compensation for a mystical gem. Golden keys are another sought-after item that unlocks a different treasure horde room, this time on a high roller course.

Traditionally, a golden key has been valued at around 12,500 gold. However, it’s important to note that, at the time of this guide’s creation, prices have become extremely inflated, with some players asking for up to 2,000 gold for their golden keys. As a result, the value of a mystical gem has been set conservatively at 1,500 gold for this guide. Be aware that this value is subject to change as the game’s economy evolves.

How to Obtain a Mystical Gem?

Obtaining a mystical gem is no simple feat. The only known source of this precious item is the cave troll found within the high-roller Goblin cave. Unfortunately, the exact drop rate of mystical gems remains a mystery. However, many seasoned adventurers report that after slaying the cave troll over 100 times, they’ve only managed to secure two mystical gems. This suggests that the drop rate might be lower than 2%, making it an extremely rare find.

Putting the Mystical Gem to the Test

To better understand the potential of the mystical gem, we ventured into the high-roller Goblin cave to loot the treasure horde pile. We documented our findings to help you decide whether the mystical gem is a valuable tool for wealth generation or if it’s better suited as a form of currency.

The Adventure Begins

Upon entering the treasure horde room, excitement and anticipation filled the air. We looted the room and came across a purple QuarterStaff, which, although not exceptional, hinted at the treasure trove that awaited us.

The Treasure Horde Room

With our hearts racing, we began our exploration of the treasure horde pile. We unearthed Dark and Darker gold, magical items, and more, all the while hoping that no other players would catch wind of our prized possession, the mystical gem.

Risk and Reward

As we delved deeper into the cave, we faced challenges and uncertainties. Would we find more valuable loot, or would the mystical gem be better suited as currency in the ever-changing game economy? The pressure was mounting.

The Final Verdict

After a thorough exploration of the treasure horde pile and facing various trials within the cave, we emerged with our findings. Ultimately, the mystical gem, while holding promise, may only sometimes be the most lucrative choice. The decision to use it as a currency or risk it for potential treasures remains in the hands of the player.


The mystical gem is a tantalizing enigma within Dark and Darker, offering access to great riches but carrying the risk of loss. Its value fluctuates with the game’s economy, and its rarity adds to its allure. As a player, you must weigh the potential rewards against the risks when deciding whether to use it or save it as a form of currency. Whatever path you choose, the mystical gem remains a symbol of adventure and opportunity in the ever-evolving world of Dark and Darker.

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