Deep Dungeons: 2.9k to 4.2k GPM

  • Palace of the Dead, Heaven on High, and Eureka Anemos offer a unique experience with randomly generated areas.
  • Progression occurs every 10 floors, with rewards obtained from colored sacks known as “The Accursed Horde.”
  • Farm the first 10 floors (1-10) for straightforward completion.
  • Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High offer approximately 2.9k to 3.2k GPM.
  • Eureka Anemos provides more valuable items, with around 4.2k GPM.
  • RNG is a significant factor in these dungeons, so results can vary.

Variant Dungeons: 6.8k GPM

  • Sodain Subterrain and Mount Rockin dungeons guarantee three respective dungeon potsherds regardless of your chosen route.
  • Exchange these dungeon potsherds with Croissant in Old Gridania for various rewards.
  • The “Rock On” emote and orchestrian role offer good GPM value.
  • Completing a run can take around 14 to 15 minutes.

Grand Company Seal Farm: 7.3k GPM

  • Running the “Burden of the Father” raid solo and unsynced takes about one minute and yields materials.
  • Trade these materials with your Grand Company for Grand Company Seals.
  • Grand Company Seals can be used to purchase valuable items or sold on the market board.
  • This method is covered in more detail in a previous guide.

Solo Treasure Map Farm: 11.6k GPM

  • Treasure maps are a traditional source of Gil but involve RNG.
  • One map can be collected each day by a gatherer class or purchased from the market board.
  • Doing multiple maps increases your chances of striking it rich.
  • Maps like Time-Worn Wyvernskin, Peisteskin, and more offer potential rewards.
  • Be prepared for variations in returns due to RNG.

Other Notable Solo Activities

  • Farming old Extreme trials solo and unsynced (e.g., Mog Extreme) – 7k GPM.
  • Minimal pre-work required; level a crafter to 30 for decently skill.
  • Blue Mage farming in the Vault – 5,000 GPM.
  • Requires leveling Blue Mage and learning specific abilities.
  • Eureka Anemos – 3.1k GPM.
  • Provides lucrative rewards, but heavy RNG can work against you.

In Summary

  • If you prefer to avoid RNG, Variant Dungeons and Grand Company Seal Farming are solid options.
  • Blue Mage runs of the Vault offer consistent Gil return with minimal effort and no market board reselling.
  • If you’re looking for high skill gains and don’t mind RNG, consider solo treasure map farming.
  • Eureka and Deep Dungeons are also viable for those who enjoy exploring different aspects of the game.

Solo Gil farming in FFXIV is not only a profitable endeavor but can also be a lot of fun. The choice of method depends on your playstyle and preferences. If you enjoy exploring different aspects of the game, deep dungeons, Eureka, and variant dungeons are great choices. However, for more reliable and less RNG-dependent earnings, you can turn to Grand Company seal farming and solo treasure maps. Experiment with these methods to find the ones that suit your style and watch your Gil pile grow.