In Season 2, the Bone Spear build continues to reign supreme, even in the face of numerous nerfs. This build effortlessly decimates all content, from tier 100 nightmare dungeons to challenging Uber bosses like Lilith. Bone Spear remains an enjoyable and fast-paced choice for seasoned players and newcomers alike. In this guide, we will delve into the essential components of the Bone Spear build for Season 2. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to this playstyle, you’ll find valuable insights on skills, gear, aspects, and the skill tree. So, let’s get started!

Build Planner:

Skills Overview
At the core of this Bone Spear build are several key skills:
Bone Splinters: Used primarily for Essence generation, although this setup minimizes the need for it.
Bone Spear: The cornerstone skill that deals devastating damage.
Blood Mist: A lifesaver in tight situations, providing a crucial escape option.
Corpse Explosion: Boosts your damage significantly.
Corpse Tendrils: Pulls enemies together, making them vulnerable and stunning them.
Bone Storm: Provides 15% damage reduction and 20% increased base crit, synergizing well with this build’s high crit chance.

Gear and Aspects
Here’s a breakdown of the essential gear and aspects for this build:
Resistances: Ensure that all your resistances are capped, as Season 2 places more emphasis on resistance values.
Armor: Aim for over 10,000 armor to reduce physical damage taken. Prioritize gear with maximum life, resistance, and armor.
Helmet: Opt for a regular helmet over the Necromancer-specific one, focusing on armor, resistance, maximum life, and Essence. The Barrier from the Protector Aspect is also beneficial.
Armor Pieces: Look for rubies to maximize your life. Prioritize intelligence, dexterity, and the Pop slot. Attain high attack speed and base crit chance on gloves, and invest in four ranks of Bone Spear with the Aspect of Serration.
Pants: The Bols Aspect synergizes well with Metamorphosis, granting increased damage while Unstoppable.
Boots: Acquire the Ghost Walker Aspect, providing Unstoppable status for 8 seconds and 25% increased movement speed. Prioritize movement speed, damage reduction, resistances, and intelligence on your boots.
Sword: Seek the highest item power sword with a focus on intelligence, Critical Strike damage, and damage bonuses related to bone skills.
Amulet: Prioritize movement speed, total armor, Essence cost reduction, and three ranks of Evulsion. Include the Aspect of Grasping Veins for a 30% increase in Critical Strike chance and 57% multiplicative bonus Critical Strike damage.
Rings: Look for rings with Critical Strike chance, Critical Strike damage, life, maximum Essence, and vulnerable damage.
Aspects: Equip aspects like Exposed Flesh, Torment, and Aspect of Splintering to enhance damage and Essence management.

Skills Tree
In the skill tree, prioritize enhancements like:
Unliving Energy: For increased maximum Essence.
Perfectly Balanced: Boosts core skills’ damage.
Supernatural Bone Spear: Enhance Bone Spear with increased base crit and additional bone shards.
Huge Flesh: Provides a chance to create corpses.
Corpse Tendrils Enhancement: Enhance Corpse Tendrils for Critical Strike chance and damage.
Bone Storm: Improve Bone Storm for damage reduction and base crit chance.
Stand Alone and Momento Mori: Amplify Sacrifice and your overall damage.
Resilience: Offers damage reduction based on missing life.
Dominance: Increases damage against stunned, immobilized, frozen, or feared enemies.

Paragon Board
In the Paragon board, prioritize these enhancements:
Prime: For increased damage and life.
Knowledge: Boost Critical Strike damage and life.
Bone Graph: Stack damage and maximum Essence.
Flesh Eater: Increases damage after consuming corpses.
Blood Board: Prioritize damage, life, and defenses.

Level up your glyphs to at least level 15 for a larger radius of effect. The Exploit Glyph is particularly useful, providing vulnerable damage and more. Ensure you have all glyphs at level 15 or higher for maximum effectiveness.

With this Season 2 Bone Spear build, you’ll be well-equipped to conquer the challenges that Diablo 4 presents. Whether you’re tackling nightmare dungeons or taking on formidable Uber bosses, this build’s balance of offense and defense will serve you well. Dive into the world of Bone Spear, optimize your gear, and become an unstoppable force in the world of Diablo 4.